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Umahi And I Would Give Ebonyi The Best, Says Igwe

By Nnamdi Akpa, Abakaliki
09 May 2015   |   3:03 am
Dr. Eric Kelevhi Igwe, the Deputy Governor-elect for Ebonyi State, hails from Ndufu Alike in Ikwo Council.


Dr. Eric Kelevhi Igwe, the Deputy Governor-elect for Ebonyi State, hails from Ndufu Alike in Ikwo Council.

A lawyer, he has served in various capacities as Personal and Special Advisers to many politicians and public servants, including Ambassador Lawrence Nwauruku; Chief Sam Egwu, when he was the minister for Education, as well as Board member, University of Jos.

He has been working in the background until recently when the governor-elect, Chief Dave Umahi, chose him as running mate.

So, the last election was his first time of contesting elective political position, but he has been a friend of Umahi for a long time.

On how he got to be chosen as his running mate in the election, Igwe said: “I started playing roles of running mate to him during the early stage of his aspiration and maybe that informed his nominating me to run with him and any supports he needed from me, I gave. I presume that he found them valuable; hence he nominated me.

“Everybody in this state knew what happened during the build up to the primaries, so I don’t want to dabble into it, because is history now.”

He dismissed insinuations that it was his contact with some rich Anambra politicians that led to his emergence of Umahi as Peoples Democratic party’s (PDP) flag bearer and his nomination as Umahi’s running mate.

He stressed: “That is not true. I don’t think my relationship with people outside Ebonyi has anything to do with Umahi’s emergence. After all, if you talk of money, there some people who have spend millions of naira in an election, but they never won.

“So, my relationship and nomination has nothing to do with who I know or who I don’t know. It is just act of God and mandate of God that Umahi will become the governor of Ebonyi State.”

He stated that everyone of them involved played a role designed by God for the actualisation of the dream, including the press, Egwu, some serving commissioners and even members of the state House of Assembly.

He recalled that during our campaign, they unveiled their manifesto, including their vision and dream for Ebonyi, saying what they are doing now is to strategies on how best to ensure that that manifesto is made a reality.

Igwe described Umahi as a wonderful and articulate man, who is upwardly mobile in thinking and who does not rest until success is achieve.

“He is a man whose office is everywhere he lives. He does not need to go to office to solve a problem; he solves problems everywhere he goes.

“The kind of wisdom and intelligence God bestowed on him is what Ebonyi needs at this point in time to tap and develop as other states.”

He habours no doubt that the combination of Umahi and himself would give Ebonyi and Ebonyi people the best they would ever get anywhere.