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UN, Nigeria align to promote international happiness

By Isaac Taiwo
17 April 2018   |   2:13 am
When the United Nations in 2011 passed a resolution endorsing the concept of celebrating international happiness globally, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon did not hesitate to key into the notion by his instant endorsement, apparently admitting that every person living.....

Magnus Adeyemi Atilade

When the United Nations in 2011 passed a resolution endorsing the concept of celebrating international happiness globally, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon did not hesitate to key into the notion by his instant endorsement, apparently admitting that every person living on earth is entitled to state of happiness.

Happiness, a natural phenomenon, can be described as the bedrock of creation and the right of human race. Therefore, take away happiness from life, it becomes sower, baseless and meaningless.

No wonder, the general deduction is that any action induced to negate the state of happiness in the life of any individual, group or state, tantamount to criminality with the perpetrator subjected to the wrath of law.

Nigeria recently aligned with other member nations to promote international peace through the auspices of The Way To Happiness (TWTH) Foundation International (Nigeria) with the President as Professor Magnus Atilade and the Executive Vice President, Oluwamuyiwa O. Bamigboye.

The Foundation held its inaugural programme at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos where a book titled: “The Way To Happiness – A Common Sense Guide To Better Living” written by L. Ron Hubbard was presented with the belief that promoting international happiness with the rest of the world, would bring solution to a lot of unpalatable occurrences in the nation, save her from delusion, take her out of the quack-mire and move her forward.

In addition, seminar on how to Capture The Essence And Quest Of Life also took place, all under the chairmanship of Dr. Akanni Sorungbe. Atilade at the event described happiness as a condition or state of well being in which a person has contentment with his status. “He derives pleasure from his environment, which makes him or her joyful, resulting in a cheerful disposition.

“The state of being happy is the ultimate quest of all living creations. All the activities of living creations are to ensure their survival and to attain a state of happiness and well being. Regardless of our gender, religious inclination, colour, creed, race or nationality to attain a state of happiness is common to all.

“Without happiness, one ends to live a meaningless but chaotic life of total disorder and confusion” he said.Atilade added that the benefit of a life of happiness is unquantifiable as a happy person would do more, be more active and be more productive. He noted that a happy person would feel better as the physical and spiritual aspect of life will be balanced and harmonized. He remarked that a happy person would enjoy good health status to make the happy person live longer.

However, enjoying state of happiness starts from taking care of one self which include getting care when one is ill, keeping the body clean, preserving the teeth, eating properly and ensuring adequate rest.The second aspect that has to do with interpersonal relations. The President postulated that the nation can experience true happiness if

Nigerians would start to empower equity, fairness, love, kindness and respect towards each other which would invariably lead to citizens beginning to experiencing the feeling of a nation with contentment and that of goodwill towards each other. He noted that this cannot be decreed or imposed but one that comes out naturally. He described it as ‘the state of mind’.

“When, you make somebody happy, you, yourself will become happy. “If for example, some is hungry or in need of something and you spontaneously come to his rescue, you would put smiles on his face which means that you have changed his former state of dejection, desperation and hopelessness to that of happiness.

“As you see him happy, you too would be happy because you have impacted on someone’s life. Happiness begets happiness” he said. Atilade emphasizing further that begetting happiness transcends monopoly of religion, disclosed that some of the contributors at the event, Imam Alhaji Abdulhafeez Sulman and Dr. Abdullahi Awelenje submitted emphatically that anyone killing in the name of Islam is not a true Muslim.

“Islam only teaches that a Muslim could defend himself in the event of an attack and that Allah is not weak to the extent of asking anyone to kill for him and that if he wanted it, he would have established a kind of mono-religion. “He never imposed himself on anyone, though there is reward for those that serve him diligently and acceptably while severe judgment awaits those that serve him in their own way.

“No one has the right to kill because of religion and therefore, those killing in the name of religion are not true worshippers of the true God because God who commanded that man shall not kill his fellow human beings cannot compromise himself by rewarding those that are wickedly forcing life out of his creatures he created in his own image and gave life to, to enjoy state of happiness.

He added that ‘happiness’ would prevent a sensible person from harming another person like him or herself, who would also distance himself from forcing others into a particular religion or a particular way of reasoning. Another contributor, Rev. (Mrs.) Felicia Omole submitted that happiness is a subject of paramount interest to everyone not minding the race, tribe, colour, age or circumstances.

Chapter 18 of the book presented: ‘The Way To Happiness – A Common Sense Guide To Better Living” highlight some salient points that are very germane to state of happiness which include “Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others”. The chapter further expatiates that tolerance is a good cornerstone on which to build human relationships.

“When one views the slaughter and suffering caused by religious intolerance down all the history of Man and into modern times, one can see that intolerance is a very non-survival activity”, the book says.Chapter 19 of the book says: “Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them To Do To You” meaning that you that kill in the name of religion, would you too like to be killed?

“Among many peoples in many lands for many ages, there have been versions of what is called: “The Golden Rule” which refers to harmful acts.“Only a saint could go through life without ever harming another. But only criminal hurts those around him without a second thought”.

Chapter 20 of the book says: “Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You” referring to the positive version of “The Golden Rule”.Other chapters in the book that are inimical to state of happiness that an average human being who has feelings and conscience should distance himself or herself from include: “Do Not Murder”, “Do Not Do Anything Illegal”, “Support A Government Designed And Run For All The People”, “Do Not Harm A Person Of Goodwill”, “Safeguard And improve Your Environment”, “Do Not Steal” among others.

Atilade in the programme titled: UN International Day of Happiness in collaboration with The Way to Happiness Foundation International (Nigeria) admonished Nigerians to live amicably with one another, tolerate one another ways of thinking and ways of life, respect each other and be kind towards one another. He urged Nigerians to join the Foundation which has no restriction.

Notable personalities at the event include the Executive Vice President, TWTH Foundation International (Nigeria), Oluwamuyiwa Bamigboye, Imam Alhaji Abdulhafeez Sulman, Gabriel Okpene, Kehinde Abiola, Dr. Abdullahi Awelenje, among others, who all at the end of the Seminar arrived at the conclusion that happiness would make one do more and achieve more, make one feel better with increased productivity and make one live longer.

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