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We can beat COVID-19


Since news about COVID-19 hit the airwaves FEAR, ANXIETY, WORRY, PANIC and STRESS have become more pronounced than the virus itself.

This is not the time to feel HOPELESS, HELPLESS and OVERWHELMED.

The twin forces of HOPELESSNESS and HELPLESS will continue to create FEAR, ANXIETY, WORRY and STRESS.


Interestingly ANXIETY symptoms mimic Corona Virus symptoms.
Together we have to learn some critical lessons from this pandemic to prepare us for the inevitable future.

8 Critical steps we must take to beat the COVID-19 pandemic and also overcome FEAR are:

1. FIGHT FEAR with FACTS: COVID-19 is not a death sentence. The death rate is not up to that of most common ailments today – matter of fact, it is way less. 57 million people die every year; Over 1,026,0000 people have contacted the virus globally BUT ONLY about 53,000 have died so far from the coronavirus. Most of them are aged and people with underlying health issues. Many more people have recovered from it

2. TAKE A STRESS TEST: Use the catalyst Stressometer Test to regularly gauge your stress level. If you are distressed, you need to shut down completely and change the information you are exposing yourself to. To access the test, visit ………


3. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER: Follow all the stipulated protection steps. Eat well. Build and boost your immunity. Turn off the media that serve fear and negativity; and focus on Affirmations, Meditations and all other positive and empowering materials. Get access to meditation on …….

4. FILTER ALL INFORMATION: Filter all information that you get on your phone and devices. Make sure you NEUTRALIZE all negative information with our Affirmation and Meditation audios and listen to them regularly. To get my affirmation album, visit: …….

5. PROTECT YOURSELF AND BUILD YOUR EMOTIONAL IMMUNITY: To protect yourself and others, daily building your Emotional Immunity and Resilience by mastering your emotions.

6. BOOST YOUR Dose of DOSE: A practical way to build your emotional immunity is to boost your dose of DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins). These feel-good, happy and healthy hormones will help you BOOST your body’s natural immune system. Eat food rich in tyrosine, exercise regularly, increase your level of warmth and empathy, soak in a hot tub regularly, reduce sugar intake, listen to inspirational words and music, meditate, sleep well, etc.


7. RIPPLLE: Use the RIPPLLE acronym to guide your thoughts words and deed during this season.
• Reconnect with God and build your personal and intimate relationship with Him (He is the ONLY source of breath and life)
• Listen to Inspirational Affirmations, music and materials
• Pray and Meditate daily;
• Encourage only Positive Words, Thoughts and Deeds
• Live and eat pure and healthy daily
• Love and Like yourself and others
• Show Empathy towards others and Master your Emotions.

8. Protect yourself by daily building your Emotional Immunity and Resilience with LOVE.


You can also access FREE Coaching sessions with experienced and certified life coaches to help you navigate through these challenging times and overcome PANIC, STRESS, ANXIETY and FEAR. To take advantage, visit

You were designed specifically to beat things like COVID-19.
This is not the time to get overwhelmed!
This is not the time to give up and let fear disempower you.
This is the time to rise up and be all that you are destined to be.
You will succeed!

The Catalyst – Lanre Olusola

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