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Wearable hair loss regrowth device tested


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Finding a simple way to boost hair regrowth remains a challenge for researchers.

A new paper claims that micro LEDs might be the answer we have been looking for.

Hair loss affects millions of people, globally. For some, it is of little concern, but for others, it can impact both self-esteem and confidence.


For these people, finding a way to regrow hair as quickly as possible is important.

The causes of hair loss are very varied; they can include genetic factors, long-term stress, ageing, and higher levels of male hormones.

Despite years of dedicated research, boosting hair growth is still hit and miss, expensive, painful, or all of the above.

The current options include a drug called minoxidil (a vasodilator), corticosteroid injections, and hair transplant surgery.

Away from the pitfalls of drugs and surgery, some researchers are turning to the potential use of light.

A new study investigates the possibility of a wearable, light-based solution to hair loss.

Earlier studies have revealed that lasers can help regrow hair by stimulating hair follicles, leading to increased cell differentiation.

Red light is particularly successful because its wavelength penetrates skin better than the shorter wavelengths of green and blue light.

It may be promising and without apparent side effects, but the equipment necessary for laser hair treatment is large, expensive to power, and difficult to use; this makes it impractical for home use and therefore limits its availability.

A paper — published recently in the journal ACS Nano — describes a flexible, wearable device based on micro-light-emitting diodes (micro LEDs).

This technology is currently being tested for a range of applications thanks to its durability, flexibility, and conveniently small size.

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