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Entrepreneur James Parry shares how to thrive amidst a global pandemic


ParryJay got involved in the world of dropshipping because he didn’t fit the mold of someone who could hold a normal 9-5 job for years and be satisfied doing so.

Millennial James Parry is a bit of an ecommerce trailblazer. Within the past few years, he has founded and developed a few thriving dropshipping businesses that have earned him seven figures in profit. The most surprising part is that he achieved this windfall in profits during lockdown.

For many businesses, lockdown has been absolutely brutal. With stay-at-home mandates stopping foot traffic to physical stores, consumer spending habits have shifted to online shopping. This has ended up being a silver lining to the pandemic for dropshippers like Jay.


Thanks to getting a head start on dropshipping before the pandemic came, he was able to have the edge over his competitors. Also, the fact that he used to be a social media marketing expert who helped other entrepreneurs grow on Instagram was a big help. Today, most of the traffic to Jay’s dropshipping stores comes from Instagram.

Jay got involved in the world of dropshipping because he didn’t fit the mold of someone who could hold a normal 9-5 job for years and be satisfied doing so. That’s probably why he had held over 20 jobs between the ages of 16 and 23, never working at one for more than a few months. He soon realized that he was destined to become his own boss by running his own businesses.

His first attempt at the entrepreneurial path involved establishing his own gym wear brand. This ecommerce venture involved holding physical inventory, which had its downsides, such as not being able to be location-independent. He soon decided to drop this business model and switch to something that didn’t require holding inventory. No, it wasn’t dropshipping just yet. Jay got into social media marketing.

Jay quickly learned the tools, tips, and strategies that were involved in social media marketing. This led him to help numerous entrepreneurs get a leg up on Instagram and growth their audiences. This was something he was incredibly good at, and still does today for his businesses. While enjoying some success doing this, he discovered the exciting and extraordinary world of dropshipping.

Pretty soon, Jay was managing a few different dropshipping businesses. Once the pandemic rolled around and lockdowns were enforced, he saw a massive jump in the number of sales he was getting. Grateful that he got in when he did, he now sees that breaking the mold was the best decision he had ever made.

Today, Jay mentors other budding entrepreneurs on how they can become successful dropshippers like him. His best friend Bailey Knight has himself earned seven figures in sales as a dropshipper since lockdown began. Many others out of the 100+ people he has mentored have been making six figures annually. These success stories show that Jay knows what he’s doing.


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