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What He Craves For The Most


wantHI dearies do you want to know men’s deepest need in love and dating? Just take a wild guess! The answer is as simple as ABC. It’s Sex. I bet you are surprised right? But before you jump to any conclusions, let me say that just because sex happens to be a man’s deepest need, that doesn’t make them perverts. Far from it! After all, it wasn’t their idea. It was how they were created. After all, the human race wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have that deep-seated need to “perpetuate the species,” to “go forth and multiply,” to “subjugate the earth,” and so on. Lol. You get the idea! That’s why it’s wrong to think of a guy’s need for sex as dirty, or sick, or evil, etc. If you think that way, then you also think Mother Nature is dirty, or sick, or evil. (And that’s a crazy idea.)

So to love a man, you need to respect him first. Right? And to respect a man, you have to understand him first. Right? (Right!) So today, let me share with you a man’s deepest secrets about his deepest need. Actually, to be more specific, they don’t have just one deepest need. They have three.

A man’s first deepest need is to feel Sexually Desirable. Or, to be more specific, men need to feel the most sexually desirable person in our world. And this is one of the main challenges of a long-term relationship. Especially when your sex life becomes too routine like, and then the woman loses interest in making love and then the guy starts thinking that he no longer think he’s sexually desirable.

Now meeting this need isn’t just child’s play. Don’t just tell your man you want to meet his need, they need to feel it, they need to see it in the way we look at them, the way we talk to them, and the way we respond to them when they are making love to us.

A man’s second deepest need is to do Something Forbidden. And no, I don’t mean doing anything against the law. (And if you’re dating a man who’s doing anything criminal, leave him as soon as you can please!) What I mean is doing something outside the norm, swimming against the current, and doing our own thing.

Every guy has a “wild side,” and not every woman can like (or even accept) it. But if you truly love him, and as long as his “wild side” doesn’t break the law or step on anyone’s toes, then be prepared to accept it, share it with him, and satisfy it. It’s that simple.

A mans third deepest need is Sexual Variety. One of Mother Nature’s “foolproof” survival measures for the human race was to make guys want to have sex with as many women as possible and since men are still in this world after hundreds of thousands of years, I’d say it worked! Of course, Mother Nature is all about balance so she also instilled in men the ability to control these primitive urges. Now this wonderful ability has manifested in society in the form of wearing clothes, living in homes, separate bathrooms, the institution of marriage, and so on. But even in a monogamous, married relationship, men’s need for sexual variety is pretty much alive and they need our help, pretty much to satisfy it. With this need, you should introduce variety in the bedroom. Try new things, get into role-playing, pretend to be strangers, etc. whatever fits your fancy! That way, he’ll feel as though he’s having sex with many different women but you still belong to each other. Either way it’s a Win-win situation. Do you get me?

Now here’s the tough choice we need to make. It’s sad, but some of us ladies have issues with these three “deepest needs” of a man. When our boyfriend or husband try to look sexually desirable to us, we say: “Stop being crazy and dress normally. “When he wants to make love, we say “No.” When he wants to try something new in the bedroom, we say, “You’re sick.” So he starts looking for something (or someone) to satisfy his deepest needs and the relationship crumbles and fails. And these women blame him for it! I know some of us ladies have this “picture-perfect idea” of what your relationship and sex life “should be.” But remember, you might be going against what’s meant to be and when you go against what’s meant to be, someone’s got to give. (And it won’t be her.)

But here’s the good news. It’s possible to meet a guy’s deepest needs and still achieve your “picture-perfect idea” for your relationship. In other words, it’s possible for you and your man to be totally, completely fulfilled by the relationship you share and you’ll never need to look elsewhere for the love and happiness you both need.

Now picture this: He’ll be so sure of your love and desire that he’d be absolutely crazy to look for love elsewhere. What’s more is, your relationship will be the most exciting and enjoyable thing to ever happen to your life and he’ll feel the exact same way. And best of all, every romp you share in the bedroom will be better, more exciting, and more satisfying than the last one. Why? Because you know, understand, and respect every single one of his needs and as a result, he also meets every single one of your needs without fail! Voila!

Before I go, I have just one more thing to say: Most guys already know that they have these three deepest needs – to feel sexually desirable, to break the norm, and to have sex with many different women. And, yes, most of them wish women already knew these three deepest needs of men because it would make handling relationships and marriages so much easier and more enjoyable. It would prevent painful breakups and messy divorces for millions of couples!

Unfortunately, they don’t want to have to teach the women in their lives about these deepest needs because they are afraid they will be judged, or hated, or made fun of, and so on. But if you are a smart woman who wants a long lasting relationship with her man, you’ll learn these revelations I’ve given you, and use it for your own good.

To our happiness. Cheers.

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