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What is neuro-linguistic programming and how can it help me?


Lanre Olusola

Olamide works with a logistics firm as a Marketer. He was given monthly targets he was unable to meet and he began to have doubts in himself and his ability to achieve results. Olamide had worked in this company for three years with no promotion or any form of reward from Management. He was classified as an under-achiever. He knew it, he believed it, he became it.

Classifying himself as an under-achiever crashed his esteem and confidence level. He began to withdraw from family and friends, as he feared not being able to talk about success or life achievements especially among his peers.
Olamide came from a background where his parents never appreciated or rewarded his good gestures while he was much younger. On few occasions, his dad had called him a ‘block-head’ and he began to see himself failing from then on. He could not see himself as an achiever and often told himself success was not meant for him. A manager at the logistics firm sat Olamide down for a brief discussion one afternoon, and told him about a session with an Integrated Life Coach and how that session transformed his mind and life. Olamide liked what he heard and was enthused about seeing such Professional.

The coaching and therapy sessions, which lasted for three weeks took Olamide down memory lane. It was very intense and deep. It broke him in many ways he never anticipated. There was something illuminating about his experience; there was a mind shift. It seemed like magic! All he knew was that he was 100 per cent better than he was three weeks earlier.
It wasn’t magic, it was Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

What is NLP?
In simple terms, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behavior, to produce the result they want. It teaches how to make changes to our behavior by taking advantage of how our minds work with language. It simply tells us that our minds are simple input and output machines that cannot distinguish the objective reality and our own perception of reality. So, when we speak negatively, we feel negative and produce negative or incoherent outcomes.

Everything we hear, see, feel, smell, and taste since the day we were born, combined with the culture and environment we grew in, all creates a sensory ‘map’ within us. This is our programming. It is how we see and perceive the world; it is our perception that controls our reactions to various life situations. This perception determines how we think and act, how we behave and communicate. However, sometimes we do not or cannot seem to act in the way we think we want to; this is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes in.

Unknown to a lot of us, we can communicate a whole manner of suggestions through body language. Learning to understand these non-verbal languages gives great insight into that person and reveals deep and true feelings. Olamide saw himself as a failure and as someone who was not good enough. He believed it, and attracted failure towards himself. As a wise saying goes “You are what you believe”. Your beliefs create and dictate what your attitudes are. Your attitudes create and dictate how you respond, in other words, they dictate your feelings. And your feelings largely determine your behavior and reality.
NLP is a model used for personal improvement at the workplace, personal happiness, success in business and to structure life experiences such as phobias, anxiety or panic attacks etc.

In summary, the goal of NLP is to help every individual understand that the way the world is viewed, affects how they operate in the world, and that it is necessary to change the thoughts and behavior patterns that have had a disempowering effect in the past.

Be Like Olamide! Do not like in the Ignorance and Isolation! NLP is not just a model or tool; it is a Life Changing and transformational occurrence. Once you experience it, you can never remain the same, I promise you!
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