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What is your purpose and reason for existence?

By Lanre Olusola
30 August 2018   |   2:43 am
Nonso’s future looked bright while growing up. He had dreams and aspirations to be an accomplished Consultant. He studied Banking and Finance as his first degree in the university, graduated with a Second Class Upper Division...

Lanre Olusola

“What on earth are you here for?”
Nonso’s future looked bright while growing up. He had dreams and aspirations to be an accomplished Consultant. He studied Banking and Finance as his first degree in the university, graduated with a Second Class Upper Division (2.1). With this feat, he was recruited from his university by a professional services firm. With so much excitement and eagerness to explore what life had for him, he resumed the job, got married two (2) years into the job and had three (3) children within a period of four (4) years.

One of the requirements on the job was to undertake a professional certification exam. He registered for one of the professional exams to be certified in his field. Nonso was struggling through the exams, with several attempts in some stages. He began to lose interest in pursuing the certification but then, he was already stagnant in his current role and he had a family to cater for. His colleagues at work whom he started with had been certified. He felt disappointed in himself and life as well.

He gradually withdrew from social gatherings as his self-esteem was affected. He was seen as “successful” in the eyes of a lot of people, but he knew that everything they saw was just a camouflage. He felt like a bottle floating on the sea without any form of direction. He felt like his life was missing something and desperately wanted to find and activate the missing link.

Nonso sought help by reaching out to one of our Certified Life Coaches, who helped him with Clarity. He discovered how to create a life filled with a deep sense of purpose, sustainable happiness and doing the work he loved while making meaningful impact in the world.

What is Purpose?
The reason for which something or someone exists. A lot of people in today’s world are moving around without direction. If you do not seek to find, know and to understand the purpose of life and the reason of your existence, chances are you will continue to live by default, betraying yourself and thinking that it is okay to walk on a path that is not yours to walk upon. A lot of times we develop this false belief that life is complicated and that the purpose of our lives is something very complex and hard to find, but that is not true. “What is my purpose of life? What is the reason of my existence?” is something every human being should have clarity about.

5 Ways To Tell That You Are Living Your Maximum Purpose In Life:
1.You Can Confidently Answer The Question “Why Am I Here?”
We have all wondered this since we were kids, but sometimes the answer does not reveal itself so easily. It could take years for you to find the answer, but when you do, it will resonate with you so deeply that you would not have any doubts about its sincerity.

Life Makes More Sense:
Your life’s purpose may well be something you have not directly engaged with until now, but if you review your life (looking all the way back to childhood), it is probable that you will realize you were being primed for this moment. The roadblocks that held you back, the times you thought you were failing and the moments where you were pushed to develop in some way have all led you to discover your true calling at this moment. There is a deep feeling of satisfaction associated with the sudden revelation that your entire journey makes a new kind of sense.

2.Calmness Replaces Anxiety:
Pursuing your purpose can sound quite scary, as it often involves taking risks and embracing a lot of new experiences. However, where you might normally be anxious or even afraid, you are more likely to feel calm or even blissful. This is because part of you knows that you are fulfilling your greatest potential, and has faith that you will succeed.

3.Time Passes Quickly:
It is also worth noting the pure pleasure that typically accompanies living in tune with your purpose. You may notice this most clearly when it comes to the passing of time. Hours or days can fly by at breakneck speed when you are doing something to do with your life’s purpose, as you will likely be consumed by passion and will feel stimulated both emotionally and intellectually. No matter what makes you feel this way (and how unlikely you think it might be that this thing is your true purpose), give it some serious thought.

4.You Feel Excited About Life Again:
By the time you have reached your early twenties, you might feel dead inside. But that is because you have not been living your truth. While it is true that most people just exist and do not really live, all of us could actually thrive and jump out of bed every morning, eager to start the day by listening to our hearts. Once you finally give in to that voice in your head telling you to just go for it and follow your dreams, you will feel exuberant about life once more.

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