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What lies behind fate

By Abdu Rafiu
21 March 2019   |   3:40 am
There are many misconceptions about fate and destiny in the lives of we human beings. These have led to unending questions, conjectures, debates and arguments. We live in the notion that we are victims of circumstances and our environment. Many believe that our experiences, harrowing or sweet, palatable or unpalatable, could only have been pre-determined,…

There are many misconceptions about fate and destiny in the lives of we human beings. These have led to unending questions, conjectures, debates and arguments. We live in the notion that we are victims of circumstances and our environment.

Many believe that our experiences, harrowing or sweet, palatable or unpalatable, could only have been pre-determined, even pre-natally. There are inequalities; there is injustice.

Some countries are at war, and there are threats of instability and violence in others. Imagine multitude walking through deserts carrying their hurriedly assembled belongings on their heads in perpetual search for succour and home.

While this is a feature of certain parts of the world, the Western world lives in affluence in which everything works.

Why is the third world, particularly Africa, different? It is unimaginable poverty and pauperization as well as man’s inhumanity to man.

When we cannot arrive at a satisfactory answer to any of life’s ceaseless and nightmarish perplexities, we come to the conclusion that the Creator must know about all the sufferings for some and life of joy and fulfillment for others, be they individuals, communities or nations.

Needless to say, all manner of theories have been propounded. Why, for example do good people suffer and the wicked prosper? Why are some children born into abject poverty, into hopelessness or even abandoned at refuse dumps? The questions are endless. We comfort ourselves with the generally held belief that the ways of the Creator are inscrutable. If it were not so where lie the answers? But are His ways inscrutable, it may be asked?

In the Age of Knowledge, and for anyone who can find time to reflect a little, the misconceptions need not arise any longer. That they arise is proof of how firmly we are in the grip, and indeed as prisoners, of mysteries.

In the belief of the messengers of the Most High, looking at us from On-High, it is the ways and obstinacy of human beings that are on the other hand inscrutable. It is man who can and has learnt to hide his true self over millennia.

Despite man’s moaning, grumbling, demonstrations, protests, experiences of neighbours, acquaintances, the mechanisms governing life are not shifting by a hair’s breadth and for as little as half a second for the sake of we human beings.

In the meantime, the conditions on earth are frighteningly getting worse. If it were the wish of the Creator that His ways should be inscrutable, the coming of numerous Teachers, Guides, Prophets and Envoys would not have been necessary.

His Son, even came, the Lord Christ, a Part of Him, the Truth and Life. Over millennia, they have been sent to teach mankind and bring them enlightenment, the truth about life and existence, about Creation and about the Creator Himself. But we human beings have ignored their help and we cling to what we think about ourselves and what we think life is all about.

It is like students who ignored their teachers and then turned around to say they did not understand what school life is all about.

Where the Teachers or Guides or Prophets are recognized and appreciated their teachings are distorted or embellished until they become caricatures of the Truth they mediated which many questioning souls find disagreeable and reject.

In unravelling human conditions and demystifying fate and destiny what we must get clear is that arbitrariness and, therefore, injustice is impossible in the ways of the Most High who is all Love and Justice.

The conclusion of arbitrariness and injustice arises from obstinate ignorance on the part of we human beings, and the practice of conceiving a world without rules and regulations.

As far as human beings are concerned, the laws enacted by parliament are the only valid laws and all institutions of state, social, political and economic, and religious organizations are made to adapt to them.

Engage a barrister at law in an argument and you find how he reels off the law and throws section this and sub-section that into your face. He is in his element doing so. These laws emanate from the thoughts of man and are governed by the limitations of the organs of thought.

I have said this before on these pages that it is inconceivable that the Creator, He who is generally acknowledged as perfect, just, omnipotent and omniscient would bring worlds upon worlds—visible and invisible –into existence without rules, without laws.

The world’s population has shot beyond eight billion at the last count, yet this is only Planet earth which is a planet around the sun. Those who pre-occupy themselves with cosmology call it solar system.

The sun is only one of billions of stars in our galaxy known as Milky way, which is again is one of billions of galaxies in our universe called Ephesus. There are seven universes referred to as Churches in the Revelation of John, each with its own solar systems, galaxies, and each solar system and galaxies with its own planets.

The earth, being one of the planets, as it can be sensed, is no more than the tip of a fountain pen —with us therein, cocky as peacock!! The universes are in the material world which is Subsequent Creation which is different from Real and original Creation, the Spiritual Realm, Paradise, an inconceivable Realm in size, which is a Mansion in His Father’s House—House referring to the entire Creation! The Lord Himself said there are many Mansions in His Father’s House.

All Creation in living activities, working and weaving, and weaving and surging, and sparkling and sparking, energy fields far away from and to regions incomprehensible to human reasoning and immeasurable. Scientists are quick to say, the moon alone which man has succeeded in exploring is 400,000 miles away from the earth.

To think that the Creator would put this Creation together and there would be no laws governing it means human beings are sacrilegiously ascribing greater wisdom to themselves than they yield to their Creator! Come to think of it, pharmacists prescribe the dosage of their drugs, and manufacturers list rules governing the automobile they produce.

Failure to heed the rules in the manual or to follow the dosage prescription of the pharmacist often leads to disasters and shortens life.

Chambers 21st Century Dictionary defines fate as follows: The apparent power that determines the course of events over which humans have no control; the ultimate outcome. Destiny, according to Chambers, is the purpose or future as arranged by fate or God. How do we understand fate and destiny? We can understand these concepts by first understanding who man the “supposed” victim of fate and destiny is.

Every human being is a spirit from the Spiritual Realm who is down here on earth in a school, to learn the Will of God and make it the integral part of his life, and in the process become mature spiritually and be self-conscious. He is given the tools and faculties to achieve this life’s purpose on earth.

The development into self-consciousness enables the spirit to take on full human form as opposed to the erstwhile state in which he came down no more than a spiritual seed… “The sower went forth to sow!” we were told.

Teachers, Prophets, Guides and helpers were sent down to assist man in his development. He was made to realize the importance of recognizing the Will of the Creator, and also of his own free will and the consequences arising from his choice in the exercise of that free will; that the free will must heed the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature also known as Divine Laws which are the expression of the Will of God. That Will is what governs the entire Creation.

It is important to note that the development of a human spirit is a continuum. One earth life is not enough to achieve the purpose of his sojourn on earth. For subsequent appearance on earth, he comes in a new body.

This is saying that everybody on earth has had many earth lives behind him to build on his development or drop below his previous level either of which has necessitated a repeat of the sojourn in the first place, what can be likened to a repeated class of the earthly school or a promotion to the next higher class.

The Laws as they concern fate and destiny are the Law of Sowing and Reaping, also known as the Law of Karma, but in all its encompassing ubiquitousness and totality, better known as the Law of Reciprocal Action, as well as the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. These Laws have been known down the ages and hinted at in different cultures and by all peoples, and where not known as such, sensed.

The Yoruba would say, for example: Asegbe kan kosi, asepamo lo wa. This can roughly be translated to mean, an action can be hidden but not its eventual consequence.

However, the Laws are hardly heeded as they have not been fully grasped, nor have their origin and their operations, yet they are what provide the foundation for all life’s mysteries and perplexities.

The characteristics of these laws are as follows: They are simple, and do not require any special learning to comprehend them. They do not require lawyers to interpret them; they are incorruptible; they are constant and uniform throughout Creation within each species but differently influenced by different species.

The Laws take effect in the smallest and most delicate things as they do in the biggest and most coarse. They stretch to the ethereal part of Creation, a part higher knowledge reveals is by far larger than the earth, the visible world to us even if we use magnifying glasses to survey the latter. They are immutable in everything, even in our thoughts. The Law of Sowing and Reaping ensures that each kind produces its own kind.

The Laws are no respecter of any position, power, anybody or action. They recognize only human spirits. They do not leave any gaps, as they are perfect. They affect everybody whether he is aware of them or ignorant about them. They are self-acting because they bear life, driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

It is not often realized that men sow in their thoughts, speeches, and deeds, and the fruits will similarly be as the seed, which once sown will go through the same maturation processes to harvesting. And the fruits belong to the sower. Why will they not? Is it forgotten that trespassers have been warned to keep off? “Trespassers will be prosecuted”, the signpost reads loud and clear.

In deference to the warning, the fruits are left severely alone for the sower. Human beings only learn from Nature that the fruits belong to the sower—reward and punishment.

It is the same principle, the sense of ownership, that governs business these days. You find a business card reading Owner of X, Y. Z business. The owner takes responsibility for the reward of his ideas and exertions which could be profit or loss when the balance sheet is considered.

The Law of Return, that is the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Sowing and Reaping ensures that the sower is tied to his harvest, that is that every journey ends where it began for the Cycle to be closed.

In other words, the person who forms is bound to his own work; what he has sown returns to him for the closing of the cycle that began from him. He too at the end of his sojourn on earth attempts to return to his point of origin if he has not through his unedifying activities barred his way there.

The activities of every man, either through thoughts, words or deeds return to him, palatable or unpalatable, in accordance with the nature of the seeds sown; to uplift him or drag him down if they are heavy, thus obeying another important law which is the Law of Gravitation. This latter law stipulates that what is light floats and soars and what is heavy sinks.

The harvesting arrives only when the seed has gone through due process of germination, growth, and maturation processes which period differs from plant to plant, and similarly in accordance with the nature of the thought, speech or deed of the person.

The maturation period of vegetables differs from that of oranges—vegetables, 10 days; maize, three months; and oranges between 10 and 15 years, again depending on the species.

The activity of a man which period of maturation takes long may not bring forth fruits for harvesting if a man does not live long for one reason or the other. But then, it is his body which expired and is thrown away, not he himself. He himself is spirit, the animating core with finer coverings with which he wraps himself as it traverses different planes down to the earth which makes him to be recognized as soul.

The soul comes, connected through radiation threads to the man’s activities which have not yet ripened for harvesting. This now brings us to the phenomenon called re-incarnation.

We must of necessity return to this major milestone which many people conveniently ignore or are taught to ignore which, in tackling mysteries of life, without knowledge of it, justice in life cannot be understood, and by extension fate and destiny of man.

Fate is the ripening and harvesting of the fruits of seeds sown in a previous life or lives on earth to which through radiation threads are brought unfailingly to the sower.

The fruits come in multiples, made so through reinforcement the activities have attracted or are attracted. This brings unceasing blow of fate, in unspeakable torment, bitter struggles because of connection to base currents, or even death.

On the other hand, the harvesting could be endless bliss, joy and happiness, inexplicable endowments, affluence, opulence or splendor and good health if the sowing through volition had been goodness and what is high and noble. When good people suffer, it means affinity with base currents of old has not been completely severed.

The perplexed observer knows the beleaguerer’s today and not his yesterday. With unceasing good volition and activities, however, a definite limit is put to his period of atonement, and in accordance with the law, there is soon a reversal in his unflattering life’s experiences, if not in the present incarnation, definitely in the next earth life.

Nothing is lost in Creation. The Laws of God record to the minutest details everything that emanates from a man, a people, community and return inexorably to them at harvest time fruits of all that were deposited in Creation, no matter how long these may take to return!