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What makes importance of Night of majesty enduring, by NASFAT


Chairman, National Council of Elders, Nasrul- Lahi-l- Fatih Society (NASFAT), Alhaji Yunus Olalekan Soliu (left); President, NASFAT Worldwide, Engr. Kamil Yomi Bolarinwa; Acting Chief Missioner, NASFAT, Imam Mahroof Onike Abdulazeez; and Guest Lecturer of the occasion, Alhaji Liad Tella during the IFTAR (Breaking of Fast) with the Media in Lagos last weekend.

President of Nasrul-lahi-l-Fatih, Engr. Kamil Yomi Bolarinwa has urged Muslims to remain steadfast in the spiritual journey of the holy month of Ramadan. “Ramadan holds special significance for Muslims, in relation to the five pillars of Islam. Ramadan is a combination month of sacrifice, penance and charity. We fast in the month of Ramadan, and pay Zakat as part of our observance of the fast.

During the society’s Lailatul Qadr programme, Bolarinwa laid emphasis on the Night of Power. Lailatul Qadr is an integral part of the Ramadan fast; a night that is grander and better than a thousand months, the night the holy prophet (PBUH) had first contact with the holy Quran, the night of revelation.

“ On this night Allah has paved the way, spiritually and literally for us to reach Him, through prayers and total submission to His will in order that our transgressions and iniquities of the past will be forgiven”.


He enjoined Muslims to fulfill the obligation of Zakaah –at-Fitr. “ It is regrettable that while we seem to take fasting very seriously, we don’t give our Zakat obligations the seriousness it deserves. It is through Zakat that we can touch live.

Bolarinwa added that the membership of NASFAT is voluntary, nobody is force to join the society and no one can be tied down to the society against his or her will.

He said, NASFAT belongs to all individuals, not to a group. It is our collective effort and in sha Allah, it will be collective inheritance of all our children. In what ever capacity will find ourselves, our objective must be to serve the cause of Islam and uphold the tenents of our religion and Allah’s injunctions, in the face of global threat against Islam.

“NASFAT is not in dispute or conflict with any group or individuals. No individual or group can be greater than the society. We have always treated fairly very body and every group including our missioners”.

Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdulhakeem Addullateef speaking during NASFAT Laylatul Qadr (Night Of Majesty) Programme Spoke underscored on the Miracle and healings of the glorious Quran. He said Allah sent the holy Quran to the world as healing power for the believers, which includes physical and spiritual healing. “The Quran is the complete healing for all mental and spiritual and physical diseases of this world and the hereafter. The Quran contains the treatment for hearts and souls, and as such expel all sickness from the body”.

He said, the night of majesty is a rare opportunity for all Muslims to live the life of a thousand years, beyond the thousand months because Allah said this night is more rewarding than a thousand month. It even beyond a thousand months it could be ten fold. Allah wants us to earn within a short time a reward that is limitless. Muslims are expected to dedicate the last ten nights of Ramadan seeking forgiveness and favour from Almighty Allah.

“We pray our gathering this night will give us opportunity to rejuvenate ourselves spiritually and open a new chapter in our life and ensure that we rededicate ourselves to Almighty Allah”.

What gladdened the heart of the commissioner was the privilege he had to join a very successful organization like NASFAT. “I believe that my joining of NASFAT is just the continuation of my Islamic Propagation. On several occasions have been invited by NASFAT to deliver lecture and that shows that NASFAT has extended the hand of fellowship to me. I believe that I need to join hand with the members of NASFAT to move the society forward.

Being leader among Muslim organizations in the country, we can only do the little that Almighty Allah has given us the opportunity to do before Allah says our time is up. He said, adding.

“ We must ensure that we deploy our knowledge, our connection, and our experience and ensure that we use our competences and commitments to open a new chapter in the life of NASFAT”.


He urged the Muslim Ummah to remain united. “Talk about things that unite us and leave apart those things that disunite the Ummah. We have only one God, Allah, One prophet, one Kiblah, we all believe in the five pillars of Islam and we all fast in the holy month of Ramadan.

“We must remember there is strength in unity and we must avoid anything that brings disunity among the Ummah. Let us stop duplicating what we are doing. Some should focus on the educational sector. Let us bring together our effort in developing the existing Universities, helping the needy, developing the hospitals, helping those in the prison, ensuring that vocational institutions are developed and the capacity development of Muslims is enhanced.

“Muslims must ensure that we work the talk, is not only by praying, we must work and pray, this is the new direction I think Muslims must face so that when we work together we will be able to alleviate poverty, we will be able to redistribute wealth and it will enhance the standard of the living condition of everybody”, he said.


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