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What the pandemic taught us about remote hourly work


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, remote workers have become the backbone and the driving force sustaining many industries. Out of necessity, many companies have had to shift the way they do business to remain productive. To do this, there have been many technological innovations that have come about and become mainstays.


One such technology that has proven its worth during the pandemic is time clock software. There are a number of benefits that are specifically tailored to the current working environment, and that will continue to be useful even when things shift to a hybrid work environment of part remote and part in-person working.

Businesses are still trying to recover from the massive economic downturn that resulted from Covid-19 and need every advantage they can get. This is where time tracking solutions, such as Buddy Punch, can help.

Hourly Employees Can Efficiently Work from Home
The first significant benefit of time clock software is that hourly workers can efficiently and effectively work from home thanks to the ability to punch in and track hours from anywhere. This means that so long as they have the proper equipment to do their work, they can punch in, work, and log hours from home without worrying about reporting to an actual job site.

During Covid, this has allowed employees to stay productive and do work while social distancing and taking care of family members. Post-Covid, time clock software will facilitate a more fluid work environment that considers employee safety concerns while still maximizing the workforce’s productivity.

One of the major changes that have actually been positive out of the pandemic has been the ability of different industries to adapt to changing work environments. Time clock software is one of the innovations that has made that change possible.


Hourly employees still have a guarantee of accurate pay for hours so long as they punch in and work productively. This can incentivize employees to perform better because they are safe, but they are working from their home environment, which can eliminate some of the workplace’s stress and allow employees to focus and be more creative and innovative.

Workers Can Be Productive, Even With Minimal Supervision
Productivity is a critical component that many businesses, whether on-site or working remotely, are worried about. There is a misconception that managerial oversight is necessary for employees to be productive.

The fact is, that employees are incentivized to be productive in part due to time clock software actively tracking their hours and, in many cases, their actual productivity. They are also more productive because they are given a level of freedom by working remotely, so they can work on their own and at their own pace to do what is necessary to get their work done, within reason, of course.

Businesses further benefit from this because not only is less supervision necessary, but it frees up managers and other employees to complete tasks rather than worry about whether or not workers are productive. If there is a productivity issue, managers can tell at a glance thanks to the time clock software, rather than micromanaging working conditions for many employees at once, especially those working remotely.

Introverted Employees Thrive Working Remotely
Introverted employees are benefiting greatly from the new normal of remote working environments. Most introverts prefer quieter, less social environments where there are fewer people.

Working from home allows them to be more productive than ever by being in a situation that is to their liking and one that is much easier for them to control. Time clock software helps facilitate the continued use of this environment and can make employees who are more inclined to work from home stay on and be valuable assets for many businesses.

There is a lot of workforce talent that is not being fully utilized under a standard working environment. Remote working will allow employers to seek out these talented individuals and properly put their skills to work without infringing on their social preferences or worrying about diminished work quality.

Outdated Processes Can Be Overhauled More Easily Than Previously Thought
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was often thought to be too difficult to implement broad sweeping changes to how business is done because of companies’ reluctance to spend the money and employees adopting new technology.

What Covid-19 has proven is that necessity often facilitates growth much easier than anyone ever thought possible. Not only that, it has created an environment where rapid adaptation is considered an advantage and not a wildly outlandish idea.

Because of the pandemic, businesses that were scared to innovate have been forced to, and out of this have come further innovations and new ways of doing business. In some cases, new markets were created, and existing markets have found new ways to do business and thrive thanks to the changes made in the pandemic’s wake.


This has led many businesses to believe that further innovation and technological updating can be done much more efficiently than ever before. This will not only improve how fast businesses recover losses due to the pandemic but may lead to new growth that was not thought possible previously. Some industries may even come out of Covid-19 better than when it started.

Flexible Time Clock Software Can Make A World Of Difference
One thing that time clock software does very well allows for a fluid work environment. It will enable smooth integration of remote and on-site working to where both groups can work together seamlessly.

The automated processes make managing many aspects of business much simpler and less hands-on. This makes overall productivity go up, and waste go down. Time clock software even incentivizes workers to work harder and more efficiently since they know their time and work are being tracked and that as long as they work, they are guaranteed to get paid appropriately.

These benefits, along with the enhanced safety of touchless and remote punch-ins, make time clock software a powerful tool for businesses in a post-Covid working environment.


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