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What we think, we become – mind conditioning and its side effects

By Lanre Olusola
23 March 2017   |   5:00 am
We have been trying to have children now for over 18 years. We have had several tests done on us; everything testable has been tested (If there’s any English like that).

Lanre Olusola

We have been trying to have children now for over 18 years. We have had several tests done on us; everything testable has been tested (If there’s any English like that).

The test results always come back saying the same thing; NOTHING medically wrong! We had EVERYTHING it took to make babies but all our efforts seem to end in futility. We tried it all, from fertility drugs – My wife pumped herself with all sorts to the extent that she was like a dog always on heat. To timed and mechanical sex – which frustrated us. To spiritual interventions, prophets, priests, imams, herbalist and even witch doctor – growing up in a fetish and polygamous family allowed me experience various spiritual options. We spent a fortune, we wasted resources both in time and money and we destroyed several great relationships.

At that time we were not aware of how consumed we had become and how deep a rabbit hole we had dug for ourselves and lived in. At some point we had decided to treat ourselves by dining out and forgetting in those moments our dreaded reality.

One faithful day a ray of hope and mercy flashed upon us. We met a good-looking, calm, white bearded gentleman at one of our favorite restaurants on the island.

For some inexplicable reason we were both drawn to him and he to us. Suffice it to say that he ended up joining us. After almost 45 minutes of chitchat, we realized that he was a certified life coach and trained psychotherapist.

He was so knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. We effortlessly opened up to him about our 18 years travail; he just listened and listened and listened as we took turns to narrate our pain respectively as husband and wife.  I realized that he focused more on my wife; she was unusually very emotional on that day. He spoke some deep truths to us that night and as we wrapped up a great evening we scheduled to see him the following day at his office for a proper session.

It was a few weeks after we started our sessions that he told me that my wife transmitted very intense masculine vibes and energy, which he picked up as a trained energy psychologist and therapist. He mentioned an unusual masculine aura about her, and assessed that she imbued a man’s essence. It was very abnormal because in physical appearance she was ALL WOMAN. She radiated feminine energy to me as she always looked the part and played the role quite well, it was a paradox. If she looked and dressed like a tomboy then it would have been understandable.

At some point, during one of our sessions, “The Catalyst” as we eventually found out he was called, asked my permission to talk to my wife alone. He had asked my wife to tell him about her ideal man.  Misunderstanding his question and intention, my wife smiled and began to sing my praises. He clarified himself by asking her what she really thought the essence of a man was. Her answers revealed the real reason behind her masculine aura. She said, “A man should provide for and fully take care of his family, have a steady income, give security and be manly in every sphere”. I wasn’t that man! I had been in the same role for the last 20 years earning a stipend from my father’s ailing business that I eventually inherited, I was barely making enough to provide for myself let alone for anyone else. My wife has been the breadwinner of the house as well as the one taking ALL the manly responsibilities, and securing our future with several investments. This had always been “our” relationship, she never complained and I never felt inadequate… or so I thought

According to “The Catalyst” my wife had been programmed to think that anyone who does those things she outlined is “THE MAN”. She owned that role in our relationship. HENCE, Psychologically speaking she had taken on and embodied BEING the “HUSBAND”. This Psychological framework had programmed her biologically such that although she looked like a woman, she couldn’t capture that essence biologically.

As a ‘wombed man’, her womb and supposed female organs couldn’t conceive a child. Basically her biology was mirroring her psychology and men can’t conceive no matter what they try… Men just can’t get pregnant!

Her psychology was conflicting and completely neutralizing her biology.

“As a man thinks in his heart so he is”- this statement as he said has such deeper meanings and implications beyond what we can ever realize… “That which you continually think about you bring about” The truths revealed in these statements are truly profound.  Your psychology can prime and program your biology in so many ways. Our case was a classic example.

The next few sessions were focused on my wife. He worked her through various belief change techniques and energy balancing sessions to mention a few tools he used to to help her regain her feminine essence. He created an ultimate woman affirmation and she was mandated to repeat them for a minimum of 6 times daily and I was also mandated to speak these words to my wife daily. “Our words have the power to recreate, create, sustain and frame our world” – The Catalyst.

The miracle is that 3months after we met this guy my wife conceived and the rest as they say is history…..

We are ALL Products of our BELIEFS.
Our mind is our most powerful tool BEaWARE of what you do with it consciously and unconsciously.

You are simply your mind.

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Emeka Ezeogu
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