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Where is God to allow such things?


In time of intense suffering, no matter the nature of the suffering or what may have caused it – out of desperation, the lamentation goes out: Where is God to allow this? It is stated by some who are in excruciating pains on their hospital beds; it is said by a great many whose land has been devastated in war or ravaged by floods or whose houses have been razed by fire. Many lose property to storms and hurricanes. Out of deep sorrow and a feeling of helplessness, there is an outcry: Where is God to allow this? Many a person who suddenly loses a dear one – a wife, a husband or a very promising daughter, exclaims: “Why would God do this to us?” It is the same refrain everywhere: Why does God allow such things? The lamentation increases by the day in the times the world is today. The questioning comes from many who are crushed by material deprivation, who cannot say from where the next meal is coming or where they can lay their heads. The world is in the time of perplexities.

What has kindled my interest in the subject today is a spirited exchange of posts on a social media platform I read keenly. If the exchange had merely stopped with Karl Marx cliché that religion is the opium of the people it would not have been much of a bother. I have read it printed many times that “China banned religion. Today, China has overtaken the US in economic development.” But as usual we human beings have the proclivity to pointedly accuse the Creator, sometimes in expletives I am not capable of repeating when struck by adversities. The exchange was giving vent to frustration about upsurge in criminality in our land. There was an enheartening response of trust when a participant said: “God in his infinite mercy has a way of cleansing Nigeria from tyrannical leaders.” My interest is anchored on the relationship between God and we human beings. And so, the question remains waiting for an answer!

The questioning has arisen from lack of understanding of man himself and more importantly mankind’s perception of God and His nature. The result is there is a wrong image of God, the Creator. A great many see God as the bearded, white-haired old man there in the neighbourhood, at most some miles above the clouds in the sky, overlooking every human being and every creature. He is exceedingly Loving and Merciful and what we consider as right and good, He must see as right and good and, what we see as bad and wrong must also be wrong in His Sight; we expect Him to see it from our prism, from our point of view. God must be able to enter each and everyone’s mind and read what is in it and what is likely to be stored therein the following day. Our enemies He must similarly regard as His. He must see ahead that when there is clamour in the land, in clubs or by associations and by a group of individuals, we say the voice of man is the Voice of God. This means our longing must be pleasing to Him and He must answer it accordingly as we wish it. Many priests say that God personally speaks to them. Some say they were in a long conversation with Him, and either the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.


To consider how high up the Abode of God, the Creator, it will be necessary to have a picture of the structure of Creation, and then the Divine Realm which is above the summit of Creation, the vastness of which is inconceivable to the surveying capacity of man’s faculties. And to think that God is outside the Divine Realm makes it all the more beyond the reach of any human being and understanding. The faintest idea of high up His Throne is can only come through merciful revelations. It is the natural radiations of God that formed the Divine Realm and between the Divine Realm and His Throne, separating them, is a raging ocean of fire which is incapable of cooling. Only Two can cross it, being Parts of God—Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, One Love and the Latter Justice. This is because They carry the essence of God Within Them, and God is in Them, and the radiations are also consequently Theirs. Since God Almighty is Life, and there was never a time Life was not Life, it should follow that God is eternal and so is the Divine Realm, being the outcome of His eternal Radiations. Around His Throne, still distances away, are conscious, knowing Animals—the Lion, the Bull, the Ram and the Eagle! The Divine Realm is the abode of the Archangels and some other higher beings in the unremitted service of the Creator.

In material Creation alone, according to the Revelation of John, there are seven Universes called churches in Asia. They are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. The universe in which we are is Ephesus and it is the one up for judgment in these times, the Age of the Holy Spirit. In this universe alone, there are billions of galaxies. Indeed our galaxy known as Milky Way, is only one of the billions of galaxies in our Universe. The earth is only a planet in our solar system anchored around the sun. The sun itself is only one of the billions of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way. All these are in our Universe, Ephesus, alone and there are seven of them! Even then, it is only a part of the World of Gross Matter which itself abuts Creation proper separated by a ring of the Animistic where all animals have their origin. The Creation proper is the Spiritual Realm, where the Paradise of we human beings is.

There are many planes even in the Spiritual Realm. That of we human spirits is at the tail end with all the incomparable beauty and immeasurable size and vastness. It could not have been for nothing that the Lord spoke about the mansions in His Father’s House. He was referring to Realms and planes of existence too vast for human comprehension. From this we can begin to understand His statement when He said of all born of woman, there is none as high like John the Baptist, and that in His Father’s Kingdom he is lowest. He is in the First Creation called Primordial Creation at the Summit of which is the Throne of the Holy Spirit, as the Will, Power and Justice of God, the Eternal Mediator. The Divine Laws are the expression of His Will and in these Laws lies Justice. It is these Laws which God uses as the mechanisms to govern His Creation, first Creation and subsequent Creation. The latter serves as our school from where upon graduation evinced in our spiritual maturity, and our becoming personal we return home amidst happiness and rejoicing.


To aid our development, Teachers and Prophets were sent for ages. And when human beings would not listen to them out of conceit and obstinacy, the Lord Himself, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had to come in the hope that since He came with greater power being Son of God, mankind would listen to Him, heed His Teachings which were essentially enlightenment to point the way to our development and salvation, and resurrection from the material world to land in the spiritual world, our real Home Above.

In the enlightenment through higher knowledge spreading on earth today, the ethereal world which is the Beyond is even by far bigger than our earth. It is also vastly populated in its own different planes by human spirits still developing or trapped by errors and misconceptions. These are different from multitudes in the Dark region. On earth alone the population is said to be about 7.8 billion human beings. How then is God Almighty to deal with every individual in this deep vale of matter if He were to relate to us in the manner as is generally believed? Scant attention is paid neither to His Omniscience nor to His Omnipresence, both attributes of the Creator which are least understood! In answering the question often asked in the time of distress, tribulations and helplessness “Where is God to allow such things?” it has to be quickly stated that mankind have a false image and wrong conception of the Almighty Creator. It is an image of He to whom Love and Justice are strange, yet we speak of the justice of God. It can equally be stated: Why is that it is only in distress, in time of pain and frustration we pose the question but not when all goes well and our heart’s desires are met? Does He run after everyone so we do not stumble from His inconceivable Height?

Next week, the subject will be further addressed such that it can be seen from the words of Terence McKenna when he said: “Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf!” Suffering speaks loudly to all—the sufferer and the blessed.


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