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Where will you say “I do” in Africa?


Just few years ago, if you asked an average African where they would like to spend their next holiday, you were likely to get top European destinations as an answer. This should not come as a surprise. For most Africans, these destinations were perceived to be much more romantic – going all the way down on your knees, solemn and bashful, with a ring in hand or stuffed into some ice-cream, as you pop the big question – please will you marry me?

If that question comes up on a clear afternoon at the Sully Wing section of the Louvre Museum in Paris, chances of getting a “yes” are high. Even the most poker-faced of women would be blown away by the imposing allure of what has been described as world’s largest museum. But for couples looking to reignite the flames of what seems like a boring union, exploring the artistic finish of Prague could rekindle cherished memories of “the first time we met.”

But some of these perceptions have started to change. Away from the lure of major world destinations in Europe, the vast array of top destinations across Africa has started to spur considerable interest. Consider the following, for instance. A trip to the wilds of Amboseli Kenya gives couples a feel of the same thrill on offer in Prague. A stay at the Tortilis Camp by the Tanzanian border gives lovebirds a clear view of the snow-coated Mountain Kilimanjaro, and even more. Not to mention the adventure of its open waters, swamp channels and romantic walks with touching distances from roving elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, gazelles, etc.


From the magnificent sights of Mauritius to the clear beaches of Seychelles, travellers looking for a perfect vacation in Africa can be sure of a truly exhilarating travel experience interspersed with ample measure of pleasure and awe. Talk about its wild safaris, imposing superstructures, historical echoes and thrills, cultural masterpieces spanning civilisations, and all the discoveries that characterise the African experience, the new story of African travel comes bold and alive in your face.

DestinationsAfrica: Redefining Travel In Africa

Africa is not just the next big thing because of its vast material resources like oil, diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, silver etc. Its growing middle class in the face of fast-paced urbanisation is opening up new opportunities for the continent. And with the global oil glut currently dealing mortal blows on most of its economies like Nigeria, tourism has been projected to be the next gateway to Africa’s prosperity.

As a confirmation, projections by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) pits Africa among eight of the fastest growing travel markets in the world in percentage terms. By 2034, Africa will record 4.7% growth with an extra 117million passengers annually.

Perhaps to help travel lovers fully maximise these excitements, DestinationsAfrica, championed by Nigeria’s No 1 online travel portal Wakanow, is the leading platform that currently spearheads the new face of travel in the continent. Riding on the crest of its experience of providing best-in-class travel solutions in Africa for nearly a decade, Wakanow has gone ahead to build a one-stop that gives travellers top-notch travel experiences.

With themed packages including safari holidays, romantic getaways, beach holidays, wellness and spa, travellers interested in tapping into rich, sublime experiences are guaranteed memorable trips of a lifetime. Incorporating an interesting travel show to its kitty, DestinationsAfrica partnered EbonyLife TV to air 12 top destinations in the continent. The 30 minute, 12 part series aired its final episode – Destination Nigeria – on EbonyLife TV on Saturday 23 July 2016, showcasing the rich historical landmarks and breathtaking destinations that colour Africa’s most populous nation. With a perfect blend of entertainment and adventure, popular TV personalities, Tosin Odunfa and Kathy Onwu, took viewers on a journey that unravel some of the most significant cultural marvels preserved over the years.

Future of Travel in Africa

Already, the tides are turning especially as regards how Africans travel. We have sailed past the era where travel was either the exclusive preserve of the rich or those who grew bored of their lives and decided to seek excitement in some distant shores. It’s no longer the ritual of men in briefcases caught up in-between the bustle of business engagements. Far from that. Travel is becoming part of our lives, just the same way we throng our churches and mosques every Sunday and Friday to connect with our supreme essence.

Beyond the all-in-one-basket travel packages that have come to define travel preferences for most people, the quest for deeper experiences has gradually taken centre stage. Perhaps, this is where DestinationsAfrica’s themed packages hold sway. Going beyond providing tailored packages that truly excite to consumers, DestinationsAfrica offer unforgettable experiences that strike a chord, not just at a sensory level of the individual but at the core of the human soul.

Chief Marketing Officer of Wakanow, Mrs. Victoria Onwibiko, said DestinationsAfrica offers travellers from within and outside Africa the opportunity of experiencing Africa anew, all on a single platform.


“One of our major focus with the DestinationsAfrica platform is creating rich and lasting experiences for travellers in ways that are innovative, engaging and fun. As a highly experienced travel brand offering superior services to customers globally, we are aware of the untapped destinations scattered across the length and breadth of the continent. This platform allows us assemble these exciting destinations together and create experiences that suitably captures the expectations of our customers.”

“We believe there is so much to be explored in Africa, and so many experiences to be shared and savoured. What we have just done is to beam the searchlight on those exciting destinations that offer similar experiences and value when you visit other destinations outside Africa,” she stated.

Now, away from the candle lit dinner and all the romantic ideas that have grown pretty wearisome overtime, DestinationsAfrica, among its many packages, is offering travellers a new lease of life though romantic expeditions. For couples yet to say “I do”, African destinations present experiences that are refreshingly different.

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