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Why do I need a life vision?

By Lanre Olusola
10 May 2023   |   4:07 am
Why do you need a vision for your life and how can you create a powerful life vision for yourself?

Lanre Olusola

Why do you need a vision for your life and how can you create a powerful life vision for yourself?
First let’s answer the following questions:
▪ What is a vision?
▪ Do you have a life vision?
▪ Why do you really need a life vision?
▪ Do you have your life vision written down somewhere?
▪ Do you visualize, meditate upon and affirm your life vision daily?
▪ Do you live your life based on that life vision?
▪ Does your life vision cover your life holistically?
These are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself if you want to live a fulfilled, satisfied, happy, prosperous, successful, joyful and peaceful life.

A vision is a picture of your desired future. Having a vision is having the ability to think, imagine about or plan for a desired future.

A life vision is therefore a picture of the dream life that you would love to live today and every day.

A vision statement entails writing down the kind of dream life you would like to live, with a plan that is S.M.A.R.T (Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic and within a specific Timeline).

I believe that the best way to predict the future is to intentionally create it. You can’t create and live a life that you haven’t envisioned, written down and planned for.

For you to live your life to the fullest, you must live life on your own terms. To live your life on your own terms, you have to know what you want from life, where you are going, how to get there and what is required of you. Following this, you must believe in your vision, commit to the action steps required to deliver and finally: Stay focused and consistent until you arrive at your desired dream vision.

Life presents endless possibilities for everyone. If you are looking to make something great of yourself then you will need to set your priorities right, set goals for yourself, and they must be in line with your dream future, which is your life vision. With this process set in place, you are well on your way to a better and bigger future.

When you are looking for something to keep you motivated, you need to first think about the following: What you are doing for your own life? What are the most important things to you? Whether you are satisfied with everything that you are currently doing, and if you are ready for a change in your life?
If you are answering these questions truthfully, you will soon realise that perhaps you are not living life to your full potential and maybe there is something better out there for you.

So, how do I create my life vision? I’m sure you’re now asking.

Here’s how…..

Take responsibility right now, sit down, close your eyes and imagine the life you want.
Yes, it can be that simple to start the process.

Creating a vision is about imagining things that don’t yet exist. So, do just that — Close your eyes right now and begin to imagine.

When imagining, don’t worry if what you’re seeing is achievable or not. Just let go, free your mind to dream and see where your mind takes you because it’s easier to come back later and narrow down rather than to open up.

Make sure that you are dreaming about your dream life. You need to visualize what you want to do in your future. Imagine all the 12 critical areas of your life; Imagine the kind of health, career/business, finances, spiritual life, intimate relationship, home/family life, personal power, fun/recreation/rest, overall achievement, contentment and satisfaction, friendship/network and self-worth/confidence you desire.

Following your visualisation exercise must be a real goal-setting exercise, if not those dreams will only remain in the land of dreams.
Setting short, medium and long-term goals is a very technical scientific process, and you probably need a well-trained coach to help take you through this process.

Many people try to do the goal-setting process all by themselves at the end and beginning of each year but research has revealed that only eight per cent of people achieve all their goals, year in and year out, meaning that 92 per cent of people fail to achieve all their goals, simply because they don’t know the goal-setting process and they don’t do the needful.

The first step to setting goals is to first envision the life that you want to live.

A vision matched with great goals will motivate you to never give up on the life that you really want. If you have goals set for yourself you will want to make sure that you are doing everything possible you can so that you can feel good about who you are.

When you set goals the right way, you prepare yourself to do the hard work towards your goals.

The goal-setting process also helps identify the things that will stand in your way. Your goals must be within your own control and you need to accept the responsibility to take control of your own life.

When you have a vision, there are different options or ways to arrive there.
The goal-setting process should help you create several options and choices that will help you deliver on your goal and ultimately your vision.

A vision also keeps you motivated irrespective of the challenges you may face along the way.

You need a life coach to help you create your holistic vision, set your next 10-year goals, identify your options and realities, and then create a plan and road map that will take you from where you are to where you desire, deserve and are designed to be.

There are so many great ideas that will flood into your mind about how to create the future of your dreams and live your best life.

There is nothing out there that should stop you from being who you want to become in life.

There is nothing else in the world that you should want more and think about more than where your life is going to end up.

In my E-books, I teach you how success, fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, joy, prosperity, and peace can be guaranteed if you know what to do. You’ve got to desire all these, believe that you deserve them and do the needful to manifest them.

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