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Why Do Men Act The Way They Do


relaHi ladies, there are some questions I have asked myself overtime and I am also sure it is something you also ask yourselves from time to time. Questions like “why is it so hard to understand men, what do men want in relationships, why do men cheat, why are men great liars and so on”. The questions are endless. Now in todays’ newsletter, I will be sharing the answers to many of these questions that we women ask ourselves about the men in our lives or let us just say men in general.

Why do men flirt with you like they’re very interested, and then when you flirt back, they suddenly act unfriendly and unapproachable?

The first thing you need to know is that men love to flirt. It is their nature. But here is the thing: It does not always mean anything! Yes, it sometimes indicates his interest in you. But most times, it is not enough. My advice would be for you to look for other signs that he likes you before flirting back or you might end up making a fool of yourself!

Let me say that again: When a man flirts, it does not always mean something. He might just be doing it for good fun, and does not mean to take things any further than that. So see what kind of flirting it is before flirting back. Take in other non-verbal cues, such as:
– His body language
– His posture (body towards you, leaning in)
– His eye contact
– He is not staring at other women
– He has complete focus on you
– He is being chivalrous and caring towards you, etc.

Can women call men first? Why do men only call when they feel like it? After 4 or 5 dates, does a typical guy like a woman enough to call her?

Now without a doubt, it is best to leave the first call to men. It is a clear sign of his interest in you, and it gives you a better idea of his intentions! On the other hand, calling him first makes you an easy prey. Some men can take advantage of this by pretending he is into you, even when he is not. And once he gets what he wants from you, he is gone. So do not make that mistake! When he only calls you when he feels like it, it is a sign of just how interested he is in you, and the kind of relationship he is interested in.

Occasional calls mostly mean he wants a casual relationship which is good for the moment, but might not have a future. After 4 or 5 dates, if he has shown enough interest, it is safe to give him a call but not too many, and not too often! Giving him a call once in a while is okay, as long as he calls you back the next time. You should not be the only one making calls all the time. You will look desperate.

How do high-profile men choose their girlfriends and wives?

Normally, love is not something that you choose, but high-profile men tend to be a bit cautious of who they date and love so that he is not taken advantage of. To be more specific, they tend to be wary of women who seem to be only after their money, which is the norm these days or seem overwhelmed by their status, or seem clingy.

High-profile men tend to go for two types of women:
(1) Their “secretaries,” or women they spend most of their time with, and who knows everything about them.
(2) A woman who is rich, but is not herself in a “power” position. For instance, she might be rich because her dad is.

In short, high-profile men need a woman who knows how to doll up to their standard, and yet at the same time is not after their money.

They avoid dating a powerful woman because they find her difficult to handle, and she has a life of her own which he would rather not have, as he needs someone at his beck and call.

Why do men take much longer than women to get used to being in a relationship, even when being with that one woman makes them happy?

Men are creatures of habit. They will look through hundreds of gadgets to find one that fits their lifestyle perfectly. Guess what? That is how they “choose” their women too. Making them happy is not enough for them. Through it all, they will still wonder if there is someone out there who can fit their lifestyle just a bit better than you!

Men are not as clear with what they want in love as women are. They do not plan ahead like we do. They take each day as it comes. They might not have a checklist for the “perfect woman,” which might delay the process a bit. Men are not as meticulous and detailed about what they want. They only realize what they are missing when they find it!

Also, men do not have the similar pressures that plague women: family and societal pressure, pressure of increasing age, the ability to bear kids, and so on. That is why they can afford to take their sweet time deciding when to finally settle down.

But here is the secret: All of that changes in a heartbeat once he meets that one special woman who rocks his world and suddenly, he is the one chasing you and asking you for commitment!

Why would he not open up to me?
If he is taking time to open up, it could be one of many reasons:
– He is shy
– He does not know you are interested, and is afraid of being rejected
– He is unable to understand the cues you are giving him that tell him you are interested
– He is just practicing his wooing skills
– He is waiting for you to make the move. (Some men are passive like that and want their woman to take the first step.)

If he is shy, he will take his own sweet time to approach you. Be patient and wait, or go find someone more forthcoming. Or if you are sure he is into you, you can say it yourself. If he does not know you are interested and is afraid of rejection, give him cues. first subtly, then more clearly if he still does not get them.

If he is taking his time finding the perfect way to ask you out, give him a little more time to work his game. If you think he wants you to make the first move, and if you are okay with that, go right ahead! And if you are not, find yourself someone who is more of a go-getter.

These are a few but most important questions we ask ourselves. Men need to be understood and if you can understand them, you will not be hurt by some of the things they do or say. But on the other hand, they should not get away with most of the things they do. Or should they?

To the happiness we deserve, good luck in love and life, cheers.

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