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Why Muslims should avoid ‘three major destroyer’ sins


Member, Board of Trustees of Computer Village Muslim Ummah (CVMU); Alhaji Adebowale Olasoji Jubril (left), National President, Computer And Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN); Ahmed Adeniyi Ojikutu, and Guest Lecturer; Sheikh Muyideen Ajani Bello, during Computer Village Muslim Ummah’s Ramadan lecture in Lagos.

Renowned scholar, Sheikh Muyideen Ajani Bello has warned Muslims against the three major destroyer sins, which he identified as: lying, unlawful sex as well as Intoxicants and gambling.

These sins, according to him, are fast at neutralising the goods deeds of believers. Sheikh Muyideen, who spoke at the yearly Ramadan Lecture of the Computer Village Muslim Ummah, in Lagos, said “the tree destroyer sins have serious negative consequences because there is no how we can be successful while dwelling in the three major sins, because they destroy human being”

“Allah said in the holy Quran those who know me as their creator should fear me. And make sure you say the truth always” he said. He stressed that lying is the mother of all evil which leads to all other act of evils and bad attitude, due to the evils and corruption that are affiliated to it.


He linked the market/business anomalies to lying, unlawful sex, Intoxicant and gambling, saying that honesty and kind dealings with customers are the secret of successful business.

Sheikh Muyideen said truthfulness and honesty merchant are some of the legacies of the holy prophet. “Allah shows mercy to a person who is kind when he sells, when he buys and he makes a claim. Dishonesty of so many has led them to where they are today, as a detriment to their success,” he said.

He urged Muslims to strive for the hereafter and think about tomorrow. “It is what you do today you will get tomorrow. Every body that wants to be successful in this world will not continue living with the three destroyers.
Protect yourself from scotching fire; don’t go near the three destroyers, lying, unlawful sex, intoxicant and gambling because they are major sins,” he warned.

The Amir of Computer Village Muslim Ummah, Ustaz Onabote Sikiru described the month of Ramadan as a training period for Muslims, hence Allah has put a lot of bounty for those who act upon righteous deed and he has enjoined us to do a lot of good deeds and supererogatory act of worship.

“Is a training month where Muslims need to improve and learn how to worship Allah, propagate Islam and unite with one another because we can not achieve anything without unity. That is why Allah said we should love ourselves and be one. The month of Ramadan will bring unity among every tribe, definitely this month of Ramadan will bring us together no matter how we have separated ourselves and we will know how to tolerate one another for the rest of the year.

“As you can see Computer village is a multi tribal community, we are trying as much as possible to tolerate one another for unity to reigns,” he said. The President of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria, Ojikuti Adeniyi Ahmed, said the Ramadan lecture was targeted at the vices such as lying, fornication, gambling and consumption of alcohol.


He urge people to be the best of the human being and never allow evil to pass from them to another human being be it a Muslim or non Muslim because whatever we do we are going to stand in front of Allah to account for it. “We should try to make the world a better place to live and be of good behavior because whatever we do Allah will reward us and we should live our life as if, it is our last day in this world”

The Board Of Trustees chairman, Alhaji Niyi Animashaun said the computer village marketers are under one umbrella and the umbrella covers both Muslims and Christian likewise cover all other tribes in the country. He urge Muslims to imbibe good altitude in their dealings “ We should accept humility and write good legacy for our self”.

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