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‘Why we stage Islamic education fair for young Nigerians’


In its quest to groom and nurture actively the talent and passion of Muslim children according to the tenet of Islam, the Lagos State Radio Service, has organized an Islamic Education Fair symposium (IEF) tagged ‘The portrait of a total child’.

At the fair, which is the second edition, participants showcase their knowledge of Islamic Studies and the Quran while parents listen to sole touching lectures from eminent scholars.

Speaking during the fair jointly organized by Radio Lagos and Eko FM, the General Manager of Radio Lagos, Mrs. Ayo Shotonwa said IEF is an initiative designed to celebrate Muslim Children in Lagos and its environs,


“We seek to discover and groom formidable talents amongst our kids that will continue to advance the noble course of Islam and work uprightly in service to Almighty Allah”

She said an event is a form of giving back to the society in a way dedicated to God Almighty. “ In Lagos State Radio Service, we do not want to limit ourselves to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the physical realm, we want to launch deep into the consciousness of man while at a very young age. The spirituality of our kids and how they can continuously follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (SAW) without derailing from the laid down paths and principles”

Shotonwa urged parents to hold enormous leverage on how they train their children for the betterment of society. “If parents steer their children’s upbringing according to the guidelines of the Quran and the prophet’s traditions, it will go a long way in helping the society at large”.

She advised the parent to ensure their children are raised according to the dictate of Islam. “Children have the right to be raised as a responsible Muslim adult and parents must be conscious and take an active role in guiding their children and family on the part of the truth”.

The guest speaker, National Missioner, Ansar-ud-Society of Nigeria and Overseas, Imam Abdur Rahman Ahmad in his lecture titled ‘The role of parents towards upbringing’ said the greatest gift a parent can bequest to a child is moral and proper upbringing noting that what makes people human is a good character.

“Children are trust that Allah has given to the parent. Islam told us that every child is born with great potentials. They are born potentially as Muslim, it is the parent and environment that determines whether the potential will be activated or deactivated. “It is the right of the parent to bring out the great potential in their children. Children are a gift from Allah, what a child will become in life will depend on the outcome of the king of parenting giving”

He said the role of parenting is shouldered on school nowadays “misconduct of children is blame on school parents have neglected the role of shaping the life of their children”

Ahmad explained that parent has crucial roles to play in the life of their children. “All children are born pure, free of impurities, it is the role of parent to help them maintain the purity by providing the necessary environment to nurture the greatness in them”

He urged parents to provide a nurtured environment for their children right from the beginning of intimacy. “Child upbringing starts from the period of intimacy, It is the role of parent to nurture the purity of their child to maturity. The holy prophet (SAW) taught us so many sunnah including that of intimacy, pregnancy till when the child is born. Before going into intimacy in Islam you are expected to start with prayer, by doing that you are interfering in the fitrah of the newborn child..”

He said children reflect parental behavior. “Our children are mirrors, reflecting images of what happens around them. In addition to sharing genetic similarities with parents, they reflect the gestures, language, and interests of the adults in their lives”.


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