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Why you need Neuro Linguistic Programming


Lanre Olusola

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the systematic study of the thoughts (Neuro), Language (Linguistic) and scripts running our lives (programming). NLP deals with understanding and developing the mind. It deals entirely with understanding the language of the mind. How it is designed to function and how it is molded by our private experiences. It is the study of our subjective reality.
When the language of the mind is properly understood, it influences everything ranging from relationships, communication with friends, clients and personal outcomes in life. NLP is very holistic as it takes a person’s mind, body, spirit, past and present into consideration.

We are Homo sapiens – thinking beings – and as such it supposes that our most potent function is our Thought or the Thinking Function. But with NLP, we understand that thoughts do not exist in a vacuum, they are fed by our perspectives. NLP presupposes that perception is reality. What we think is colored by how we think.

Individuals have various ways of thinking and interpreting their reality. NLP helps you understand these representational systems and narrow down yours. It guides you in understanding the 3 different thinking patterns, which are:
• Visual: works with pictures and visual metaphors
• Auditory: sound
• Kinesthetic: involves senses, including gut feeling


With NLP, you do not just understand your BEING, but why you are the way you are. You get to the root cause and the very foundation of your being. NLP gives one of the highest forms of Self-Awareness.
Why do you need NLP?

1. NLP helps you as an individual to take responsibility especially for things we feel we cannot control. Through NLP a person can change their reactions to past events and take control of their future. Being aware of the body language of people in your inner circle and people you seek to do business with is very important. NLP offers opportunities to use language with control and purpose. It gives you control of your life. You cannot repeat the same mistakes with the same mind set and expect a different result. A class in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) is all about YOU, you are the subject. This is more powerful because when one is able to deal with himself or herself as an individual, it gives them more clarity when dealing with different individuals.

2. NLP helps you improve on your sales performance, finance, health issues, better customer service, marriage, parenting and in every area of your life. It helps you become whole, when you as an individual is whole, your relationship with yourself and people becomes whole.

3. NLP helps you target your thoughts, beliefs and values. It helps you target your brain functions, how it develops behaviors, how these behaviors turn out into habits, how those habits turn into actions and how these actions turn out into results.

4. The application of NLP cuts across various professions and life vocations. It’s a premium tool foe Sales Mastery, Self-help and Personal development experts, Parenting, Teaching, and Communications etc.

“You are everything you should be, and all that is enough. Be proud of who you are, and love who you will become.”

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