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With Bounce App, readers become part of the news


Goodluck Ikporo

As technology keeps evolving and the internet puts information at one’s finger tips, Bounce News App, established less than six months ago, with the sole purpose of providing people-oriented news, also gives people the opportunity to tell their own story.

Its General Manager, Goodluck Ikporo, said the vision is to give the reader an edge, adding, “Your news is your edge. What you know is what gives you an edge. We want to make sure people are informed on issues that benefit them and also those around them.”

He stated that to succeed in media business, there was need for strategic partnership to help realise defined goal. Saying, “I want to believe we are partners with other media organisations already because we cannot do it alone. There are places you can access that we cannot access and it could be vice versa and so we need each other to forge ahead. We need to collaborate, educate even our constituted authorities because if you don’t know, you don’t have an edge. We hope to also infuse investment opportunities, the kind of schools to go to, businesses to invest in or employment opportunities in the app, as we come along.


“For our mission, our slogan is, ‘I used to hustle, now I bounce’, it sounds resonating, peaceful and feels good. We want to give you news in an entertaining way, but we don’t want to report it the way other news outlets report it. We want to get people’s view on issues around them and report from their angle not, necessarily the government’s angle.

“And so knowing what people think about a topical issue will get the government informed on what actions to take and it is applicable to every area of expertise, as news readers will ‘Bounce’ from their hustles after gaining the right information.  Our app is targeted at ensuring that people are informed, come out as professionals or make a living out of daily events. This way, you get an edge over the next person.”

while speaking on what stands the App out, Ikporo said before Bounce kicked off they had sat down as a team to address issues of providing data for those who cannot afford it.

As eh noted, “The App does not need so much space on mobile phone and it takes a few seconds to download. Also, you can save stories you want to read offline. You can save eBooks; that is exactly what Bounce does. If you see something you like, you can just save and come back to it later. That is our concept.”

While stressing on the need for objective news coverage as well as ensuring that the right information is disseminated, Ikporo said, “There are news stories happening in every part of the country and it is important to get facts and live reports from these events. Where you mostly have fake news stories is where the report is assumed. Assumption is the mother of all destruction and we don’t assume at Bounce.

“Talking about research, we did news about Nigeria that the news outside is not true, not sincere and the average Nigerian doesn’t understand it. If you take our news and read, then take another news and read; you will find out that ours gives you the news in a conversational way. It will look like you talking with yourself. So, everybody becomes a reporter on Bounce.”

He further said that since news travels fast, with the speed of light, it has taken over the office space, adding, “When you see our reportage, you have seen our reporters, you have seen the people we have on ground. It is our style to get the news to our readers.

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