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Women: The Stronger Sex


super-CopyLadies permit me to make a bold prediction for you. No matter what love problem or trial you’re going through right now, I’m declaring it will be all over this year. Amen. I can make this crazy claim because I’m 100% convinced of a fact about us women: That we are much, much better at solving (or recovering from) love problems than men are. I’ve seen it in my own life.

If you don’t believe me, let me prove it by how women get over one of the biggest and most common love problems in society today: Divorce. It was found out that women are much happier after their divorces than men were.

Why do women recover better than men? Here are some of the reasons:
– Men tend to turn to alcohol, drugs, or casual sex to cope with the pain, which actually worsens it.
– Women tend to turn to friends, family, church, etc. for the support they need which works wonderfully.
– Men tend to withdraw into a shell after a divorce, while women tend to get out there, looking for great new experiences.
– Women are much better at taking perspective of their lives, letting go of their past, and looking forward to the future.
– And lastly, women more readily seek help from therapists, counsellors etc.
This just proves what we’ve known all along, that we are the stronger sex. So now it’s time to act like it!

You need to get over your love problems, no matter how big or small.
Some of you ladies might be starting your life over and getting in the society but still come home at night sad and hurting. I feel you. The recovery period can take some time, and it is easy to get impatient! But what is your other option, right? Would you much rather just give up, and drown your sorrows in alcohol, drugs, and casual sex like some men do or would you rather live the rest of your life in misery and heartache?

Of course not! If you have been going through the recovery period and nothing’s happening yet, then keep going! Don’t give up. No matter what your love problem is, your solutions are always just a few better days ahead.

If your relationship is growing cold, and you feel he’s slipping away.
It’s common for some happy, exciting relationships to grow cold after a while. This is one of the most worrying and stressful periods in a woman’s life. But like I said before, any relationship can be made whole and happy again. Just do the things the two of you do together when you first started dating. Those exciting moments. Have an affair with each other. Go on dates, movies, long walks and share hilarious jokes and other stuffs. It’ll really help in rekindling the love and it will go back to steamy hot love affair.

If you think your man is having an extra-marital affair somewhere or worse, he has cheated on you already while you’re still dating, then you are not doing something right.
If you allow your man to go out there and cheat on you, it is completely your fault. You obviously have not been paying attention to him and the relationship. Even if you choose to leave him eventually because of his cheating, you still need to know why he chose another woman instead of you. You need to take charge as a woman and make your man see you as his only option. We run the world ladies. Our own happiness lies in our hands not in d hands of another who has our man. Find out what that other woman is doing to keep your man and use that same technique to get your man back( that’s if the relationship is redeemable). It is that simple. Never allow “the other woman” outsmart us and take away what is rightfully ours.

Then if he’s abusive or neglectful then I suggest you leave him.
Some people might disagree with me, but I have a zero tolerance for men who hurt or neglect the women in their lives. You can, and in my opinion should, leave him! But sometimes, leaving him is not enough. Just because you left one bad relationship doesn’t mean your next one will be automatically good. Right? You need to learn from your mistakes. And more importantly, you need to learn from the mistakes that other women have made before you. After all, you cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes by yourself!

Let me share a secret. The road to true love and happiness might be crooked. But without the proper guidance, you will go in circles and you need to make 2014 the year you finally break free from your love trials. Trust me. Take charge of your life and your relationship and learn the right ways to behave in your relationship. We are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again. This simply means women give the world an interesting flavour and we are jolly good people. Right?
To our hapiness. Cheers.

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