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You, your health and your body – Part 2



As I said in previous articles, diseases are usually of organic origins. In other words, they are related to such organic functions of the body, as the ear, liver, kidney, brain and so on. But the mention of the brain calls to attention importance of the mind in the whole issue of health discussion.

Mind essentially is about the in-depth understanding of functions of the nervous system. That is why the fine details of issues of the mind are also considered somewhat abstract. But functions of the mind truly begin with proper understanding of functions of the brain. The brain is like the outer portion of the body and it has a way of linking the organic systems of the body to the fine details of the nervous system.

The organic functions are heated in what is called the endocrine system, and what we are saying is that the endocrine system and the nervous system have a balancing act in their interactions to ensure health of the body. A sort of dysfunction in this balancing act is what is recognised as disease in any part of the body affected. In this respect, as an example, let me repeat once more what I stated in a previous article. The body reflects all the negative effects you can see as far as disease or ill health is concerned. But nobody usually gives it a thought that what you call the mind might have contributed to the manifested diseases.


For instance, many people don’t know that there is a direct connection of digestion and health to functions of the mind and this is where the topic of fear might become useful to this discussion.

When the mind is full of fear, it sends out messages to the various glands of the body and organs to prepare for danger. When we hesitate and remain indecisive, our body becomes filled with unused materials and our glands are relentlessly drained. Constant state of fear causes the glands to function abnormally and the whole body system, including the mind, begins to function abnormally, with the potential of breaking out in some kind of diseases reference to the mind, sending messages to the body’s various glands is typical of the relationship between the nervous system and the endocrine system.

The is about the glands of the body that fuel organic functions. The unit of their common function is the cell, which highlights the importance of cell functions. The human function is about cell. There are various levels of cell functions, including such tissues as you get in bones and muscles, the cerebro vascular and cardio vascular systems that are the neuro sophisticated levels of operation of the neurons endocrine systems.

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