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America’s next president, who the cap fits… Part 1


Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton

At precarious times like this current one that the world at large has found itself; several types of quite strange hypotheses ravage the entirety of humanity ranging from fear of the unknown, antiquated dogmas, threatening issues on faith- beliefs cum general insecurity.

Is the world as a whole unit about to be consumed by the present terror outburst and religious fundamentalists or the provocative belligerency of nonconformists like nuclear-armed North Korea or war-infested Mideast?

Needless to say is the glaring reality that humanity now lives on the loose fringe of faith coercion, terrorism by other means, moral bankruptcy, corrosive corruption, societal breakdown, political rascality which are echoing signs of the time.

Beside all waves of different doctrines and divisive politics assailing the sensibility of this age along with their destructive consequences, mankind has seemingly resorted to accept whatsoever comes its rough and tough ways as circumstances so dictate.

Despite all these contrasting eventualities, certain nations or people can just not be ignored because of the sphere of influence they occupy. Take the instructive case of the United States of America, each time it holds its presidential elections.

For America, love or loathe it, it is one noted nation which none, in this contemporary age, can dare wave off…so easily or uselessly. In spite of the several hate campaigns against it, universally, America still holds the decisive ace of the world game-play virtually on all fronts!

Is the global diplomatic headquarters, the United Nations with its several organs and networks (the General Assembly, Security Council, etc) not sited in New York and the world’s economic regulatory bodies (the International Monetary Fund and World Bank) in Washington?

In fact, going by the contentions of some skeptics and cynics, it is in America that the world’s best and worst of everything optimally manifests; be it spiritual or secular.

Evidently, the more decadent popular culture in latest craze, fad, fashion and trends are resident in this self-labeled God’s own country, where the confraternity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and inter-sex deviants relentlessly battle against one another!

On the other hand, America similarly presents the plain of very rare but discernible holiness where the Creator of the universe relates with those who really and readily care for the soul of this perishing world. Remember the early 1, 900s Azusa Pentecostal Revival Movement!

Classically American, it may not be out of tune to say that the ultra-conservative and very intolerant tribe of the Donald Trumps, John McCain, James McCarthy still abound across its national spectrum if only to balance the occasional frictions of what makes the individuality and diversity of America so tick.

Indeed, this almost extinct range of narrow-minded Americans, though serendipitously gifted with the requisite resources of power and money, can wishfully not be alienated, as their doctrinal dogma still serve as ‘needed checks’ against abounding societal decadence and liberal excesses.

Never-the-less their habitual foreboding threats, not even the highly contentious eight-year reign of late Ronald Reagan could roll back the ground already covered by the cohesive and articulate America since its 1960s combined efforts for civil rights and desirous emancipation.

As a matter of fact, what the Reagan presidency could not achieve on its home front it adventurously went for off-shore…by leading the doctrinal sworn pack of the mostly Western bloc to strangulate communism elsewhere.

As a replay of historic cum ideological theatrics, largely bordering on idiosyncratic dispositions, who is this hawk-looking and hot-breathing Trump? A biographical collaboration Why we want you to be rich he did with Robert Kiyosaki some time ago might suffice here.

Throughout the entire discourse of some 330 odd pages (paper edition), Trump presented a reflective image of a corporate head yearning to be in charge of all circumstances, people and resources around him without sparing space for tolerable differences.

Like a typical cut-in-the-wood money overlord, getting any ‘cent of Trump’s hard-earned money’ reminds one of drawing the proverbial water out of the rocks. While this somewhat ‘cohabitation’ lasted, Trump related with Kiyosaki as a very senior but free-style colleague, a-knowing-it-all-visiting consultant who hardly had anything to learn from anyone!

So ‘skillfully sounding’ was Trump that one could easily discern that he was a lonely self-made man inhabiting his own ‘created world of affluence and influence.’ Perhaps it is on this air of daring any damning consequence, quite characteristic of money-driven and often blindly indoctrinated tribe of his type that is fundamentally charging his political ambition and widely hate-filled presidential campaigns.

Upon the obvious realities which Trump and his band of co-sojourners have deliberately ignored, surprisingly oblivious of are; how far can Trump’s steaming impudence last or his long-drawn chariot of warmongering go? May be as far, high and sky-scrapping as his glittering Trump Towers!

Another burning issue that the Trump apologists have had to ceaselessly battle with was how to put a restraining lock upon Trump’s rather rattling mouth whenever he was in the public domain.

For instance, how can one repair the skin-deep damages on the psyche of those at the receiving end of his utterly tactless outbursts like; a Trump presidency might work toward ‘recolonising’ Africa (for a period of 100 odd years). He says such a plan is because of its present misfortune of being ruled by tenacious kleptomaniacs or that right in America. Also, any woman that goes for abortion (irrespective if it is for life-saving or honour-induced reason) would be duly penalised.

Distastefully complicated was Mr. Trump’s vitriol when he incurred the wrath of sanity at large and roughened the edge of America’s age-old, carefully feathered alliance with the West by insinuating a certain degree of force to stop the slide of refugees from war-torn Syria and other unfortunate emigrants to Europe ( and by deduction, America).

In the course of this Trump ‘swim-or-sink’ campaign, his strident stance on banning additional Moslems from entry to America upon becoming President is so shocking.

Pray, is Trump so dumb to the flying hypothesis projecting Islam as the fastest growing religion per head in America, particularly among the minority races and disoriented groups and that in about 20 years, the Moslem voting bloc would be strong enough to decisively elect a president?

No less condemnable is the perception of Trump and his disoriented camp regarding poverty as a self-affliction caused by laziness and ineptitude.

Whereas, on a universal measurement, this societal malaise is more of an institutionalised policy or governmental conspiracy. In fact, take the more avoidable cases of the so-called third or developing world as weakening instances where perversion of needed equity, economic strangulation, political instability conspire with seemingly deliberate state machinery as well as official policies.

Leafing through America’s presidential campaigns and subsequent elections in its recent past, some features are simply outstanding and gradually becoming common-issues; top of which are its unquestionable stance of national unity, societal homogeneity, cultural affinity, economic vibrancy as well as its resilient consciousness as the world’s ultimate melting pot for the universally uprooted, deprived and rejected.
•To be continued
• Omolade,

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