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Five odd beauty trends that you should stay away from


Many of us are always willing to try something new and are forever on the lookout for the next ‘miracle product’ that would do something special for us. Women are always comparing and changing products, all in a bid to attain the zenith of beauty.

In the good old days, food and home products, such as eggs, honey, yoghurt, olive oil and toothpaste, were in vogue and while some people swear by their efficacy, the world seems to be moving beyond all these.

In a bid to attain the perfect, flawless made up face, a lot of women are now resorting to extreme beauty hacks, used as primers to help make-up stay longer on the face, as well as create a flawless look.


Milk of Magnesia (Mist Mag)
Practically everyone knows what Mist Mag is used for, one of which is definitely not as a face primer. However, the thick white liquid laxative has now become a rave among many women, who claim that it dries to a semi-sheer finish, helps to combat oily skin and even out skin texture. But while it might seem very effective now, experts have warned that it poses a lot of long-term danger, when used consistently over a long period of time.

In case you did not know, this balm is used by breast-feeding mothers, but has now been turned into a lip primer. Women that use it claim it is super hydrating and as such, moisturises the lips properly, helping lipstick or lip gloss apply better on the lips.

Chafing Gel
As the name implies, this is used for chafing in the thigh area resulting from moisture, heat, movement or shaving, but is now being used as a facial primer. Said to possess most of the ingredients used in facial primers, the users claim it provides a dry smoothness, when applied on the face.

Post Shave Balm
Usually used by men after shaving, a lot of women now use it as a face primer. Rubbed all over the face like a moisturiser, women now use it as base for foundation. They claim the stickiness in it helps the foundation stick to the skin. Usually containing glycerin, they claim it helps smooth over dry and flaky areas and helps make-up last longer on the face.

Lubes are definitely not supposed to be rubbed on the face. Several experts have warned repeatedly over the dangers of using this on the face, but that hasn’t made it less desirable to beauty hackers. People that have used it claim it makes the skin very smooth and sticky, which makes foundation stay on better. However, when the foundation begins to wear off, it doesn’t present a pretty sight as it piles up and rubs off in a flaky manner.

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