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‘Nigeria can get fortunes from service sector’


Mrs. Margaret Jibodu is the Principal Counsel, Crown Immigration Services Group and the representative of Canada’s University of Alberta in Nigeria. In this interview, the immigration consultant speaks on pitfalls to avoid in Canadian visa applications.

Our readers want to know you
My name is Margaret Foluke Chibudu. I’m a career educationist and chartered immigration consultant or expert. The whole world has become a global village and people move around a lot through different avenues to achieve their goals. The hospitality and tourism industries actually employ 40% of the workforce. If there is any aspect of our economy that is being ignored in Nigeria today, it is the hospitality and tourism, which is unfortunate, I’m so happy that Governor Ambode is looking in that direction. Imagine Lagos having over 200km waterfront and it’s not tapped, though I can’t say it is not fully tapped.

Imagine the kind of wealth that tourism brings to a nation, like the USA where you need to go to Miami Beach, Miami Beach which is what makes Florida State what it is. Apart from the fact that they enjoy a lot of sunlight you can see the all waterfront in that area and it is something else. They have put the whole waterfront in that area into very good use and it is beautiful. Many other states have waterfronts. If we can put all of these together we will also experience 40% growth in the workforce of Nigeria. Imagine what that will do to our present unemployed youths and that we increase our labour growth rate by 40%. We should have this kind of training towards the needs of the economy.

Please introduce your organisation
Our organisation is digital global, meaning we work globally; for example, talking about education, it is not what we learn from the classroom but what we experience. The institution we work with in Switzerland trains you in hospitality and tourism for six month in the classroom and six months on the field anywhere in the world. The institution is so organized that you have different interests to pick from. Some people can also train to renovate hotels and introduce creative and beautiful designs, and some people also train in hospitality and this is called executive client services.

Nigeria is a nation blessed with a lot of tourist attractions which have not been given attention. What do you think this training will do to be able to explore tourism in Nigeria?
We are talking about training people in Switzerland and we know it is one of the most known tourism nation in the world. Apart from giving them the intellectual knowhow they are going to be working for sometime for six months to be precise and they are going to have a handsome experience; they will have ideas and come back to exploit in Nigerian tourism. They cannot bring in foreigners because they are too expensive and for continuity. Today they are there tomorrow they are gone and that is why I’m calling for our own indigenous people to be trained to do this job.

What are the requirements for this training?
We have two levels of training. For one of the levels which is just the graduate degree program you need just your WASC; pass English and Maths (all As) and one other thing is the right attitude.The second level is our graduate training. Irrespective of the field of study you can be trained in hospitality and tourism.

Is there anything you will like to add?
Parents and guardians should know that children come with different endowments or gifts and these are assets to us and the society; all we need to do is to give them the training and exposure that will make them become what they were destined to be, not just doctors, lawyers and engineers. These are called professionals in their industries, they are not common and they earn in dollars.

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