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‘Objectives of Afriexporter International Expo’



International business development specialist, Idris Mamukuyomi speaks to PAULA ESEGHENE on the forthcoming Afriexporter International Expo

A brief introduction of you your organization and what afriexporter international expo is all about?
Idris Mamukuyomi is an International business development specialist, business strategist, and Global African Entrepreneur. I am the Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Heeds and Field Resources Ltd, a diversified portfolio of businesses and investments in International trade. I am also an Executive Director of, the organizer of the 2018 Afriexporter International Expo. Heeds and field resources ltd is the sister-company to Afriexporter magazine and

Afriexporter magazine is published bi-monthly for the catering of information needed on how to start, manage and grow export business in Nigeria and other African countries to the world. This magazine has been on for more than 6 years while is an online trading platform majorly for Nigerian and other African products which is tagged “source in Africa, sell Globally”.

Afriexporter international expo comprises of conference, Exhibition, Technical session and award dinner. The entire event goes beyond the two days conference which adds up pre- conference training on export for beginners and also master class which comes up in April 24-26, 2018 at the prestigious Lagos Oriental Hotel, V.Island.


How many exhibitors and visitors are we expecting during the conference and what would they be showcasing at the expo?
We are expecting over 50 exhibitors that would be showcasing their products which cut across the industry Afriexporter expo serves alongside the solution-providers on the supply-chain to over 500 visitors that are expected to be part of this laudable event.

What are the benefits of this expo to Nigerians?
The benefits of this expo to Nigerians cannot be over emphasized. Afriexporter international Expo has targeted an industry called international trade and people involved or interested in the industry too. Exhibiting at this expo can be a great way to advertise to the market afriexporter serves and create brand awareness to a number of visitors across the Nation, Continent and the Globe. A lot of manufacturing companies who their focus is on export, and have not be able to pitch their products to a larger market would have the opportunities to branch out to business-to-business trading and create a customer database from the visitors at the event.

Another opportunity this might also give is bringing intra-African and local investors together with the producers of different products on investment purposes. I have met a number of people who are interested in meeting with local suppliers for investment and export purposes at this event.

The event has a well-structured format for facilitating direct peer engagement, for more advanced deal-making, showcasing fundable companies, co-investments and financing engagements, strategic partnerships, and business networking.

As the first edition what are your major constraints?
It has been easy though but looking at the Afriexporter international expo so far, we have been able to break the jinx of so many government agencies not coming under a roof because we are bringing all the agencies both in Nigeria and other African countries closer to their businesses on micromanagement. In all of this, we have both financial and human capacity constraints alongside how our African-time mentality affects both the corporate organisations, government agencies and individuals on eleventh hour decision over a project like this.

What is the theme of the conference and what informed the choice of the topic?
NIGERIA EXPORT INDUSTRY: PRODUCTS/PROFITABILITY/POTENTIALS, Which are the theme and the sub-theme of the conference. So what informed the choice of the topic is that we are looking at the tangle factors impacting economic growth through export and other trade in Nigeria alongside other African countries which have been shrouded in complexity? Considering the volatility in commodity and its markets, FDI inflows, Enabling environment for global political shifts, carbon-trade and the risks. We have some topics developed around start-ups, SME, Export financing and resource control on the local supply chain which include other opportunity in export business

What is the significant of this conference and how can it add value to the nation economy?
Afriexporter International Expo is designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade between the Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, UAE, with Nigeria and other Africa, to facilitate foreign direct investment in Nigeria, West-Africa and, to provide a platform for African businesses to connects with global investors and financial providers at a one-stop shop. The effects of the EXPO have a major focus on key economic sectors including Agriculture which is the main sector being projected by Africa Union all over the world.

Who are the key industry player expected to received awards and what are your criteria for given award?
I am sure some companies are being considered by our strategic partners working with some of the government agencies that are helping due to it being the first time while we also look at the major supports of this laudable event. I think before the end of March 2018, concrete conclusion would have been drawn on the awards

Who are your major sponsors and how will the government come in?
Afriexporter International Expo 2018 has supporters ranging from financial houses to financial solution providers, manufacturers, exporters, importers and media houses both in Nigeria and other countries around the world. It is open for the Government to support in making export business a priority in Nigeria. Government should channel her political strength on export diversification from oil to non-oil beyond mere words but an action. Provision of enabling environment for other complex products, driving the economy of most developed countries, would be a major contributing factor to the value-added of Nigerian exportable goods by the Government. We hope to have them on the keynotes on what actionable policies being embarked to boost the economy with the present shifting global political environment.

Anything you will like to add?
Yes, I will like to use this opportunity calling for the Federal Government of Nigeria to pay more attention into the business of exports in Nigeria as He always projects that of Agriculture everywhere. All the agencies on exports in Nigeria are doing their best in preaching economy diversification from oil to non-oil exports. There is need for more investment and channeling energy in this area of economic development driven-sector.

Now, there is great news from one of our supporters in the USA, Image Consulting Group, that’s into business to business matchmaking around the world, has declared her supports to only 100 delegates with 50% discounts on the EBSI Export Academy certificate on export and trade finance course. This certificate course goes for N150,000.00 and it is now N70,000 for the first 100 people interested and the same people will be attending the 2-days conference for free as the same company has covered it for them that show interests too. There is an arrangement for those delegates paid before this development; the sales department has been contacting them already. If you want to take the advantage of this, do not apply online, kindly send your details to thereafter, you would be contacted.

Ebsi export academy in Ireland has also dulled out scholarship worth 2000 Euros exclusively for the delegates at the Afriexporter International Expo for the online-certificate courses.

So there are numerous opportunities at this inaugural expo taking place at the prestigious Lagos Oriental hotel in April 24-28, 2018. For details, you can visit

Thank you so much and we hope to see and your team around.

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