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‘Objectives of Propak’s West Africa conference’


The Marketing and Operations Manager, Afrocet Montgomery, Jamie Pearson

The Marketing and Operations Manager, Afrocet Montgomery, Jamie Pearson, tells FRANK UDEZE what Propak conference is all about

How would you describe PROPAK?
PROPAK West Africa itself is an international platform for the packaging, plastics and print communities, where thousands of industry professionals and leading brands will come together to share market insights, cutting-edge technology developments and expertise.

What is the investment volume of Propak in the West African market?
Propak West Africa brings together decision makers from across the region and indeed the world. The investment value is always hard to obtain since business dealings are done across so many different platforms at and after the event. But last year our visitors had a purchasing power of $428 million


What is Propak doing to help the packaging and print industry in Nigeria?
Propak acts as a hub for all those that work in the industry. It is the only event in the region that can offer such a wide variety of products and machines ensuring that what ever your needs, you will be able to discover it at the event. We strive to ensure that all the industries are represented and we market worldwide so that the visitors can see what is working in other parts of the globe. This year there will be 22 countries represented by the exhibitor profile who all have a slightly different way of doing business and allows Nigerian’s to understand better what can work for them.

What is the purpose of this year’s annual Propak West Africa Conference?
The purpose to the conference program is to allow people to understand from those at the top of the game how they made it through sharing their experiences and observations of the industry. The exhibition and conferences are free to attend so there are no boundaries to entry for people aspiring to grow in the industry. By bringing the stage leading industry experts from Dangote Group, Tetra Pak and PWC we hope it will inspire and help others to build on their current business platform to further the growth in the industry.

Do you feel the recession exit in Nigeria has affected PROPAK positively?
The recession has obviously affected everybody in here in Nigeria and those abroad who have vested interested in the country. Being a Nigerian registered company, Afrocet Montgomery has felt the struggle of the last 18 months and has felt the impact on the different events we run. Propak West Africa this year and weathered the storm with the recession and the manufacturing sector has been one of the most resilient sectors and helped to steer the economy back into positive growth. We hope the official declaration that Nigeria is  out of recession will help to boost confidence in the market and we can build on this years successes.

Would there be any notable personality?
Along with the leading companys who are exhibiting such as Snetor Chimie, Heidelberg, Canon, Pan-Asia Tech and many others we have some of the leading minds in the industry presenting on chose topics. These include; Wilson Ukor Obiajulum, Packaging Manager, Nestle; Phillipe De Louche, Managing Director, Tetrapak West Africa; Mr Oare Ojeikere, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Dangote Group Industries.


Do you feel the government policy is contributing to the growth of the manufacturing of machinery for food and beverage processing in the country?
By incentivising those that work in the industry it can only help to grow the volume of business done within it. With such a large population the requirements and mass of products consumed with Nigeria cannot be understated. By lending a helping hand to the companies who are trying to provide for the rapidly growing population through food and beverage processing by making more efficient and productive supply chains it can only be a good thing.

How has the initiative helped the teaming unemployed youth?
By creating more business it quickly means more job roles are created. This then trickles down to the unemployed youth and helps them to get a foothold in the job market.

What is Afrocet Montgomery?
With a combined 145 years of experience, Afrocet Montgomery is a partnership that specialises in running high-end exhibitions and events in West Africa. Afrocet has always focused on events in West Africa, while Montgomery stage some of the most prestigious and award winning exhibitions globally.

Our combined extensive knowledge and experience of the African market has enabled us to develop a strong portfolio of shows and made us the largest exhibition organiser on the African Continent.

What edition?
This year is the fifth edition of the event that has grown every year since inception. This will be the largest event of its kind throughout West Africa and we look forward to many prosperous years to come.

What is PROPAK’S mission?
Propak aims to be a catalyst for the industries it represents and provide the largest business networking opportunity in West Africa for those that work within it. By ensuring the event remains free to attend we hope the expertise that can be found through the exhibitors and speakers at the event can help train and power the next generation.


What opportunities does PROPAK give to its exhibitors?
For exhibitors the chance to meet a years’ worth of potential clients over just three days is an unmissable opportunity. By marketing directly to those in the region with the buying power required to purchase the machines and supplies that they are showcasing we hope to ensure business is made during the event and the return on investment fully justifies their involvement.

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