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Olabayo predicts new Nigeria as God takes over from bad leaders


The founder and primate of Evangelical Church of Yahweh, Worldwide, Theophilus Oluwasanu Olabayo

Primate Theophilus Olabayo is the renowned prophet and founder, Evangelical Church of Yahweh, Worldwide who always tells Nigerians what the future of the country holds for them. He has prophesied concerning this nation several times and this year, as the country wallows in economic mess and Nigerians are about to elect new leaders in a fresh election, he prophesies what would happen. He spoke to Isaac Taiwo.

As usual sir, this is a new year and you have always prophesied about what Nigerians should expect. This year is unique because of the coming election. What should be the expectations of Nigerians?
Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder. However, the good news is that Nigerians should laugh because God is not only going to judge all bad leaders in this country but He is also going to take this nation out of their hands. God is wresting this nation from the hands of cabals and ready to cleanse every society.

Anger of patriots against bad governance will be assuaged while thirst and hunger for good governance by Nigerians will be satisfied.
Concerning the coming election, if there is voting at all, there will be massive rigging that would lead to confusion and eventually culminate into anarchy. The seat of Aso Rock is vacant.


The election will be inconclusive due to so much confusion that would trail it and the results would not be released until after four or five days. In the midst of confusion that would follow, the man God has destined to rule this nation would emerge. He is coming to cleanse Nigeria of all the mess the nation has found herself including the dominance of corruption.Nigerians should, however, pray for President Muhammadu Buhari for long life and for God to protect him. He inherited problems and we need to pray for him. I pity the man.

People in South-West should pray not to lose two of their key leaders during the election period because there would be assassinations. In fact, political assassination would take over the nation and states to watch include Rivers, Kogi, Kwara, Kano, Lagos and Kaduna. This would mar the election and create problems that the government would not be able to handle.

Political assassination will be rampant especially in Rivers and APC candidate in the state should be watchful. Nigerians should be very prayerful. However, all these would happen to pave the way for the man of destiny who will take over government of the country.
Lagos would experience so much political confusion and trouble. The same thing would happen in Oyo and Ogun states.

In Oyo state, the APC will do everything humanly possible to win and the contention would be between the party and the PDP. The APC would do every thing possible to take over the South-West, up to Kwara State and this would lead to crisis. There would be what I describe as ‘political warfare’. The election will not be free and fair.

Nigerians during this government, experienced a lot of bloodshed, especially in the Northern part of the country, facing the wrath of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. If the present government wins again, would Nigeria continue with the experience of bloodshed or is there going to be a way out?
A new Nigeria would be born. The new government God would raise would turn things around within three to five years of governance and there would be restructuring that the nation has been clamouring for. The present government would not restructure, neither will the PDP embark on restructuring. The man that would restructure is about to enter and no man can stop him. No one can stop the work of God.
Over 20 years ago, I predicted the kind of poverty Nigeria is experiencing today. We held a press conference and all I prophesied had come to pass and some are still happening.

I prophesied about the kind of terrorism Nigeria is experiencing today. Before the insurgence of Boko Haram, I prophesied that some people would rise up to destabilize the system in Nigeria and that some would come from the bush to destroy the economy. It came to pass as the herdsmen also emerged to be killing and maiming.

Before Bola Ige died, he came to me: I told him “Chief, you are going to be given the position of Power and Steel and he retorted that the President has promised him the position. I added that they would remove him from that office and appoint him the Attorney General, but he should note that they would mess him up. He replied that he would resign and I told him: “They would have killed you before you resign”. He asked me to give him three names of those that would be behind this, but I told him that I would not see him again if he should take the appointment. Of course, he was killed.

I sent a message to Funsho Williams that his killers were close to him and he told those that went to deliver the message that he was a Catholic.

I was the only one that told MKO Abiola that he was going to win an election, but he would never become the President of Nigeria. I told him, he would die. I said it openly. I am still telling Atiku that Nigeria is not for sale.

People that are collecting money about from politicians, deceiving them will give account and vomit the money. Those who stole billions of naira and the religious leaders that are compromising will all be judged by God.

This is a year of judgment.
All those who call themselves prophets, prophesying lies will be judged. Where are those who prophesied that Bukola Saraki would be president of Nigeria. Saraki would never be president of this country. He will even have problems and is not going to finish his term.


Are you telling Nigerians that there is hope for this country? Is the coming deliverer going to be a politician?
All I know is that God is going to raise a leader in his own right. He may come in the form of an angel. In Samaria, God raised up leaders that Israelites never thought of. God will certainly raise somebody who will sanitise the nation. The way God will do it is going to be mysterious. It is going to be a miracle. God loves this country. He will take over this country from the hands of oppressors and those into god-fatherism.

Are we expecting this change this year?
In the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37 in the Holy Bible, dry bones rose up. God may raise pastors from the Northern part of the country and would fight to take over from those abusing this country. God loves this country and He is ready to fight for Nigerians. God is taking over and it is going to be marvelous. That is why He is called God.

Your message to those men of God dining and wining with politicians
Those so-called men of God who have sold out should be called anti-Christs. If they are true servants of God, they would not compromise and compromisers would be judged by God. I repeat, there is hope for Nigeria and when those destined by God to rule emerge, things will change. The present leaders do not have the fear of God.

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