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Quality assurance should be mainstreamed into public school’s management — Edun

By Azeez Olorunlomeru
22 May 2022   |   2:36 am
Mrs. Iyiola Olatokunbo Edun is the Executive Director, Grace Schools, Gbagada in Lagos. She spoke to AZEEZ OLORUNLOMERU on Grace Schools’ partnership with Loyalist College of Canada


Mrs. Iyiola Olatokunbo Edun is the Executive Director, Grace Schools, Gbagada in Lagos. She spoke to AZEEZ OLORUNLOMERU on Grace Schools’ partnership with Loyalist College of Canada, which makes the school its official representative in Nigeria. With this collaboration, students will complete a one-year study here in Nigeria and proceed to Canada to complete their studies. She also bared her mind on Nigeria’s educational system.

What is your view on Nigeria’s education system?
NIGERIA’s education system has deteriorated to the extent that a graduate cannot write a simple sentence. The curriculum should be reviewed in line with modern trends. We ensure that we introduced new subjects to teach our students. Nigeria’s educational system needs a total overhaul.

The problems in Nigeria come from our faulty educational system. Private schools are doing a lot to improve the quality of education. It should also be emphasised that private schools have better facilities to teach and provide quality learning.

The government should encourage private schools and not hamper our operations through multiple taxes. Private schools are actually doing what ordinarily, the government should do. It is, therefore, important for the government to beam more light on public schools’ quality assurance as private schools are better equipped to teach students.

Why did you enter into partnership with Loyalist College, Canada?
We embarked on an educative tour across top universities in Canada. I was impressed with the facilities I found in Loyalist College, as well as the ambience. I discovered that the student population was not too high, yet students were visibly excited and satisfied with the environment they found themselves.

Personally, I visited the classes and I really appreciated the quality of academic delivery. I quickly concluded that it would be good for our students here to be exposed to such huge opportunities. The partnership has been in the works since 2020, but COVID-19 disrupted our plans. At present, the academic programmes commenced in May this year and students have been applying.

What can you say about the affordability or cost?
One thing we should note is that several students travel abroad for further studies. One major opportunity is that they have the opportunity of obtaining loans without the attendant pressure of such on their parents. It is affordable for them.

Indeed, it is an investment for the students, as it can help them to get their opportunities in Canada when they go to complete their studies. Having said that, the tough time bites hard on every facet of life in Nigeria. COVID-19 affected several businesses while many travelled for greener pastures. I really commend parents who are paying fees in this present economic situation. It is not easy.

What are the benefits of collaboration with the college?
There are several benefits derivable from our collaboration. It will expose the students to international practices and modern trends in education. It will also offer them opportunities to develop businesses with the skills acquired. Students are equipped with the skills and competencies they need to pursue their dreams in life. One of such is the exposure to work in organisations in Canada. This gives them unique advantages.

A premium benefit is that when students travel to Canada, they can change to any course of their choice. There is an open window for them to change their courses in Canada. This gives them a verifiable platform to actualise their goals in life.