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Why we invited police to dig up our altar — Prophet Akinbiyi


Prophet Oluwamigbenga Akinbiyi

The General Overseer, Promised Land Prophetic Ministry, Akure, Prophet Oluwamigbenga Akinbiyi, in a chat with OLUWASEUN AKINGBOYE explains why he decided to dig the altar of his church over allegations that he buried charms and placenta in his church.
You have been accused of infidelity and burying placenta in your church. How come?
Mr. Abiodun John, one of our expelled evangelist, was the brain behind the allegations. Some members who have left the church influenced him to do it, as a way to pull down my ministry. He started by cloning a fake account on the church’s social media platform, identifying himself as one Fausat Awelewa and accused me of sleeping with her. This caused a lot of uproar and people started leaving the church. The church had to engage a detective who discovered that Fausat Awelewa never existed and that the said person, who is Abiodun was operating a cloned account to blackmail the church. The names and phone numbers of other people involved were also revealed. One of the masterminds of the crime was a lecturer at the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko.

The matter was moved from the Command Headquarters to the AIG’s office in Osogbo. Many people stepped in and we settled it as Christians and I took it as part of my cross in the ministry.

How about digging up the altar?
This same group through a sworn affidavit said we planted charms and placenta on the church altar. Abiodun John lied that while laying the foundation of the church that 16 rings alongside other fetish materials were buried at the altar. I was shocked about this, because I know that the altar was dedicated to the Almighty God. We showed all documentary evidences to the police to prove our innocence. Even the surveyors and builders, who participated in the construction, gave evidences.


The church even petitioned the Inspector General of Police to be part of the investigation and insisted that the altar be dug to prove the truth.Though, some people tried to prevail on us to stop the excavation, I insisted we must do a thorough investigation to arrive at the truth.

It was unfortunate that on the day we all agreed to dig up the altar, Abiodun John was nowhere to be found, so, the Commissioner of Police appoint another date of Tuesday, September 10, 2019. The altar was dug up, but nothing was found.

What is your relationship with Abiodun John?
Abiodun John lived with me right from when he was about 21 years old. I took him in with the intention of making him lead a good life. At a time, his elder brother and I lived in the same compound as co-tenants. I never gave up on him; I believed God could change his life for the better, especially, as I adjudged his entire misdemeanour as youthful exuberance.

I tried to change him, but he refused to turn a new leaf. However, he has a call upon his life; God actually called him to serve Him. Abiodun, Elder Charles Ayeleka and I, one day, went to to see Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji, now General Evangelist of CAC. At first sight, Baba confirmed that Abiodun John has the call of God upon his life, but lamented that unfaithfulness swirls around him.

What led to Abiodun’s expulsion from the church?
We groomed him spiritually to be an evangelist, but he went out of his way to impregnate a church member’s house help. The church disciplinary committee looked into the case and found him guilty. He was expelled from the church, but some people pleaded for him to be placed on probation pending when he would turn a new leaf. We agreed and the judgment was changed to a suspension, while he was demoted to ordinary member.

For a while, he was remorseful and was absolved back to the vineyard. The church assisted him to get married, so that he could stop his amorous advances to ladies. He was even transferred to head the Ondo branch of the church, but not quite long headquarters began to receive complaints about him. He was summoned to face the Disciplinary Committee, where he confessed to all the allegations. It was on this ground that he was finally expelled as an evangelist from the church.

How did you get into the ministry?
My case was like that of Jonah. However, it was in Lagos that God warned me through a revelation that if I refused to do His work, He will make me a cripple and still force me to do the work on wheel chairs. He added that He would use me to heal many people, but I would not be able to heal myself.

I was scared by the revelation, so, I ran to Prophet Adufeni Jesu of CAC and recounted to him, how in a revelation I saw myself and my father-in-law, Pastor Joshua Adeoluyi, packing fruits into a pick-up van. The prophet then told me that I should begin my ministry under the tutelage of my father-in-law.

I started the first church with my father-in-law, which is CAC Oke Igbala in Oba-Ile, Akure North Local Government Area. I served him for 10 years, before God directed me to begin CAC Promised Land Prophetic Ministry, Akure. The church was founded on August 19, 2007, which was the first we had our first service.

What has been your experience in the Vineyard of God?
I have many of them — the good, the bad and the ugly. Despite this, I always thank God for His faithfulness. My wife and I looked unto the Lord for seven years before our first child was born. People said all manner of things, but we looked up to God.

I still remember, we went to a programme Pastor E.A. Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God held at the Redemption Camp, and Baba laid his hands on my wife and months later we received our own divine conception. I have survived different attacks from the pit of hell, as an ambassador of Christ. The devil and his angels will not fold their hands and watch you tear their empire; they always fight back, but our victory is sure through Jesus Christ.


I have also experienced poverty; I began my ministry with no money, but long-suffering. For more than six years, I passed through the wilderness of lack, want and hunger. Sometimes, I embarked on a three-day dry fast and there would be nothing to break the fast with. I would just be drinking warm salt solution. Nonetheless, I thank God for where I am today and the success of my ministry.

Do you count these trials as a price for the cross?
These are some of the challenges Jesus Christ said we would face. He has forewarned us that if the people could persecute Him, that they would do more to us. The tribulations must surely come; those who know where they are going and want to be great in life must take tribulations with joy.

I always say only people with scars become stars; those without scars can never be stars and if they do, they will not shine for long. These are some of the challenges a true servant of God must face because Jesus had such experiences too.


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