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Donald Trump vs the power of women

By Irene Fowler
26 April 2018   |   4:24 am
Hillary Clinton was denied the U.S. presidency despite winning the popular vote by a chasm of 3 million votes. The people’s mandate was sadly not enough to land her the presidency and enshrine her place in history as the first female U.S. president and leader of the free world.

US President Donald Trump / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB

Hillary Clinton was denied the U.S. presidency despite winning the popular vote by a chasm of 3 million votes.The people’s mandate was sadly not enough to land her the presidency and enshrine her place in history as the first female U.S. president and leader of the free world. This is due to the anachronistic hybrid democratic process in U.S. presidential elections in which the winner of the popular vote must yield to the victor of the Electoral College vote. To rub salt into the lingering wounds of the overwhelming majority of the U.S. electorate, Donald Trump the 45th president of the U.S. whose success was due to the electoral college vote, has proved to be the most unpopular and unqualified president by every standard and objective marker in both domestic and global arenas.

Alarmingly, he has had to defend his mental stability, which has been publicly called into question at the highest level of the U.S. government including members of his own cabinet. Trump’s riposte to the justifiable fears was that he considered himself to be “a very stable genius.” To sum up his presidency to date – it has been nothing short of stormy with no intermittent periods of calm, sunshine or clear blue skies. Ominous clouds engulfing his presidency arise from his lascivious habits, shark- like business practices and general disdain of the law.

Trump’s present predicament, which happens to pose the greatest jeopardy to his presidency, is the highly publicized law suit he is currently embroiled in with Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress. To dispense with niceties, Stormy is a sex worker who performs for general and indiscriminate public consumption. On the scale of career choices, her genre of work must rank at the bottom of the totem pole for obvious reasons, including the inherent risks, odium and permanent stigma commonly associated with the profession.

Trump, notorious for his vicious vitriol directed towards women who cross him, has been muzzled by Stormy who he has not dared to criticize or lambaste contrary to his well-honed pattern. Indeed such is the dread that Stormy evokes in the Trump camp necessitating the engagement of an ace legal team whose caliber surpasses his legal team assembled to counter Special Counsel Muller’s Russia probe. The juxtaposition of the two scenarios could not be more stunning and would in all probability have been turned down as a Hollywood script as being too insane or ridiculous.

The indelible legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush, wife of the 41st president of the U.S., mother of the 43rd president of the U.S., mother of a former governor of the state of Florida and indefatigable literacy advocate, amongst her many laurels, underscores the irrefutable truth that women are the bedrock of a nation. Furthermore, Barbara Bush was a protector of women’s rights provoking her to publicly censure Trump for his unacceptable treatment of women. Her disapproval obviously played a major role in his decision not to join the ranks of the living U.S. presidents who were all in attendance at her funeral service to pay their last respects to the former First Lady, a global icon and treasure.

Trump’s deep-seated disrespect of women and indifference towards our indispensible contributions towards societal development and harmony has permeated his adult life. He has demonstrated ad nauseum a lack of comprehension of our intrinsic value and views women as tools or weapons to be used in furtherance of his personal and business goals.No woman regardless of her station in life, character or hue is apparently off- limits and safe from his diatribes and insults, which vary in degree of knavery and coarseness.

From his ongoing persecutory attacks on Hillary Clinton, to E.U Heads of Government, U.S. Democratic Party congressional members, media personalities, Hollywood actresses, models and grieving young war widows et al., Trump has done himself and his country a disservice in the invective directed at them. Under the panoply of the office of the U.S. president and leader of the free world and festooned with the trappings of power, he disparaged all the women on the African continent when he made his spiteful remark about African countries. According to a reporter with Quartz Africa, Abdi Latif Dahir, who holds a master’s degree in political journalism from Columbia University, the highest numbers of women in the workforce globally are found in African countries. He cites a recent Pew Research Center analysis of labour statistics in 114 countries, which asserts that the top five countries with the highest female representation in the workforce are all in sub-Saharan Africa. Namely, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Gambia, Liberia and Tanzania.

The full armada of the Hillary Clinton juggernaut failed to stop Trump’s bid for the U.S. presidency. Having won the presidency over a year ago, he holds her in utter contempt, showing no fear or restraint as he continues to publicly denounce her and call for her to be investigated. “Teflon Trump” escaped being felled by a global icon and institution.

However he may yet capitulate to Stormy Daniels with whom he has locked horns in an unfolding high stakes legal drama, if it can be proved that a payment doled out to her days before the 2016 presidential election to buy her silence about their sexual escapade contravened election finance law. Trump could be trounced by Stormy. She has thus far been able to chasten and discipline him into paralysis, precluding personal twitter attacks in which he would undoubtedly have labeled her with a cruel epithet. He continues to refer to Hillary Clinton who is living a peaceable life in semi-retirement as “crooked Hillary.” The fear of Stormy is the beginning of wisdom!

It beggars belief that a sitting U.S. President could be undone by an uncelebrated female who is ensconced in a shadow industry many would describe as pitiable and forlorn. In the event that this might appear to be preposterous, it should be recalled that in 1963 an equally salacious sex scandal brought down the UK Conservative Party government of Harold Macmillan. John Profumo, Secretary of State for War at the time, following vehement denials admitted to an extra-marital affair with a 19-year-old aspiring model who was also described as a prostitute. She was simultaneously involved in a sexual liaison with a Soviet naval attaché. The scandal caused the resignation of the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan and the election defeat of his party.

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