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Princess Meghan: An ode to the Commonwealth


Fowler, with Queen Elizabeth 11, when she was presented on the occasion of her last visit to Nigeria in 2003 for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which was hosted by Nigeria.

Just when you thought that things could not get more surprising in global politics, the British monarchy made a volte-face amounting to a seismic shift by accepting Meghan Markel, a biracial woman, as the spouse of Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne.

It is no secret that the Royal bloodline has been zealously guarded and fiercely preserved.

However, it would seem that racial ideology has been trumped by political expediency.


It would be difficult not to admit that Meghan is a beautiful, well educated and highly accomplished professional in her own right.

Indeed her attributes are manifold and varied and the fact that the couple are deeply in love is undeniable.

However, evidence abounds that deep affection and a good pedigree can be easily dispensed with, if not out rightly swatted away by a Royal wave of displeasure or disapproval.

At the height of its power the British Empire was the largest empire in history, a testament to stupendous glory-seeking adventures and exploits.

Following Independence movements, many former British colonies voluntarily coagulated into a monolithic block known as ‘Commonwealth countries.’

It is presently comprised of 53 countries spread across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific, covering approximately twenty percent of the world’s land area and representing an estimated population of 2.4 billion people, almost a third of the world population.

The British red, white and blue ‘Union Jack’ flag, which once commanded fealty and obeisance in a bygone colonial era, has been replaced by the blue and gold flag of the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth 11, the Head of the Commonwealth, stated the following; ‘The Commonwealth bears no resemblance to the empires of the past.

It is an entirely new conception built on the highest qualities of the spirit of man: friendship, loyalty, and the desire for freedom and peace.’


Although the role of Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary, the Queen has made it clear that upon her demise it is her ‘sincere wish’ for Prince Charles to ‘carry on the important work started by my father in 1949.’

What better way to pave the path for that eventuality and to secure the vision, than to invite and embrace Meghan into the Royal fold as a core and integral family member.

With her partial African heritage, she is at once a token and handout to the people of colour who make up the overwhelming majority of the Commonwealth population.

Her racial and cultural identity may very well be seen as a bulwark against increasing global national identity politics and feelings, Brexit being a case in point, and may be instrumental in staving off the break up of the Commonwealth, thereby preserving the Commonwealth legacy long after the departure of Queen Elizabeth 11 from the earthly realm.

This is a masterful stroke in a real life ‘game of thrones,’ as on the balance of probabilities, Harry will never ascend to the Royal throne.

The British monarchy is widely known as ‘the firm’ in the UK.

The establishment has earned this moniker as a result of its central core principles of dedication and service by its members to the power,wealth and prestige of the House of Windsor.

This dictates and overshadows every factor in any decision making process, small or great.

So stringent are the demands that personal goals must be sacrificed on the altars of ironclad domestic rule and global paramountcy.


The firm must run as a well oiled machine, independent of and unencumbered by human emotions.

The goal has never changed or shifted one smidgen, it has always been to prolong the existence and life force of ‘the empire on which the sun never sets.’

Ergo, in order to continue to be viable and all-powerful, the firm must adhere to the principles governing invincible global corporate enterprises, chief of which are adaptation, innovation, strategic investments and a growing portfolio of performing assets.

Meghan has definitely changed the face of the British monarchy as she serves as a window through which the colours of the rainbow can change the aspect of the House of Windsor.

The Royal marriage has catapulted the British monarchy into modernity and contemporary society, engendering a new and historic unwritten mission statement, which underscores a desire to be domestically and globally ‘in-touch’ with common humanity.

If there was ever any doubt as to the import or veracity of the foregoing assertion it can be easily dispelled. Princess Meghan’s wedding dress incorporated the flora and fauna of the 53 Commonwealth countries as a fitting complement to Prince Harry’s recent Royal appointment as ‘Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.’

I wish Princess Meghan every success as she navigates the ups and downs of her personal and official life. In so doing I would like to proffer some advice.

In time honoured traditions pertaining to the rules of engagement with and etiquette of permanent house guests: Be mindful of your status, be of use as and when necessary and be careful not to precipitate any action which will cause the welcome mat to be removed from under your feet.

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