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The Blackman’s dilemma: Where do we go from here?


Last week, I reflected on the harrowing experiences the Blackman faces in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. There is, of course, the murderous brutality of Africans against Africans on their home soil, Africa, the home of all Blackmen. You can mention the xenophobic madness in South Africa after the departure of Nelson Mandela from earthly life, or the marauding herdsmen in Nigeria as examples. They are subjects for some other day. In the United States, the experiences an average Black American goes through may be regarded as age-long, but their enormity increases by the day, must send all who can think just a little wondering: With all America’s claim to civilization! It is what makes all the difference.

The form of the difficulties, principal among which is being treated as second rate human being may be old, the substance has moved away from downright slavery to stripping a man of his dignity. The new manifests in homelessness, alienation, disorientation, unemployment and single-parenthood. Today, according to CNN’s Don Lemon, 72 per cent African-American babies are born out of wedlock, and more than half of the Black families are headed by single parent women, unemployed and poorly housed, if not altogether homeless.

Washington Post online on 10 January, 2017, quoted Obama’s speech made at a church in Chicago, chastising Black fathers as saying: “Too many Black fathers are missing from too many lives and too many homes. We know the statistics—that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.”

Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in his Report known as Negro Family: The case for nation Action, spoke as far back as 1965 of the eventual effect of absence of a nuclear family and that it would hinder Black socio-economic progress. This was what Barack Obama was several years later to corroborate. The problems are perplexing. Why do the Black Americans go through the cycle of tribulations and have to explode in riots to protest against their plight? Those who say broken homes are responsible as hinted by Obama are as correct as are those who see the problem from the prism of racism. For harmony can breed nothing but harmony.

It could not have been for nothing, for no reason that procreation must involve a man and a woman, each bringing into the union what each has and the other lacks, and benefitting symbiotically in that complementarity. It stands to reason that the matter should not end there; the desirable upbringing of a child should involve the combination of those forces which pulled the lever and trigger the reaction in the first place. As a matter of fact, active and passive forces are to be observed everywhere in natural processes.

No downgrading or minimization is intended or meant when the passive is conceptualized as female and the active as male. The differentiation is referred to only for functionality purposes. The female, whether in the atomic core or in the electricity cable or in battery cells, refers to the storehouse of power, the passive, while the male, the active, refers to the virulent, outgoing and executive factor. The passive female aspect, of delicate nature and by virtue of her richer spiritual make-up than the male, and thus more connected with finer currents, is the stronger and the more powerful. It absorbs of this finer current and mediates the power to the outworking, the male, the active aspect which utilizes it but is held constantly in the power of the female passive aspect. (Never mind the wrong attribution of electrical charges by science). This is the secret of atomic structure, of the core of protons and neutrons (+) which holds electrons (-) perpetually orbiting around it in shells, electrons which alone partake of all reactions with the environment.

In this light, isn’t said and indeed obvious that woman is psychically stronger than man? What man, at the end of the day, doesn’t bow before the right woman? That is, before the woman who has not buried her gifts, her abilities? The joint working of both forces, each in its allotted role, brings harmony and, hence stability—in the wise and perfect ordering of the Almighty Creator. If the collapse of the atom, or of the huge stars, results from the collapse of this structure, and the collapse of an electrical system arises from the collapse of one of the two terminal poles, may this phenomenon not also spell the collapse of a human society? What with women trying hard to repress their feminity? What a man can do a woman can do better, yes, true in their assigned role, in the application of their sharper intuition.

It is a woman who knows when a three-day old child is in discomfort in the dead of the night, either from heat or its wet nappy in need of being replaced. But they have stretched the conception to participating in the roles of men. They are today footballers, boxers, pilots, wrestlers and train drivers. They ape men in their exertions! With two out of three Black marriages collapsing, and with one in every three Blacks in jail or somewhere near it, a correlation amasses which would appear to be corroborated by Hispanic family solidity, (Hispanic Blacks excluded) and corresponding social ascent through the same so-called inhospitable forces which down the Black people. However, this is only one way of looking at the matter, although in the natural setting only a thin line separates this and any other.

Another approach is to ask: Why are some people Black and others are White? Why were the different races separated before one discovered the other? Is there any sense in the suggestion, even as science has discovered, that the earth is composed of radiations belt zones and that each body type has been fashioned from and for a specific zone? It does appear to make some sense, no doubt, to imagine that living under water or on the moon requires apparel different from the requirement of normal terrestrial life, even as tropical clothing would be different from winter cloaks.


The protagonists of this hypothesis assert that since, everything visible or tangible is the outward or coarsest form of component radiation, everything in a specific radiation belt is steeped in that energy ocean homogenous with it from which it derived form and is maintained. Stepping out of this radiation belt or zone, is therefore, like fish out of water. And living perpetually not in the natural setting in this wise would be equivalent to attempting to live perpetually on the moon or on the sea bed. With a lot of effort, the power of science and technology would be a powerful aid. In the end, however, Mendel’s Law must always nail home the truth: Nature always the wiser, will always prevail; everything must inevitably return to its natural origin.

Everyone who has lived overseas experiences this to his fingertips. Quite often, there is a longing for home; the body hungers for home food. Food derived from the same current as the body! By this reasoning, Black people living in America are not on home soil. Being weaker in the ability to work the environment has not helped matters either. They must thus be subject to another pressure—the phenomenon of the strong overcoming the weak always, everywhere. It is the Osmotic Law. Losing out at both ends, the Blacks find the environment scorching, and they break down psychologically ( that is, in the mind) and, in the end, where it matters most—in the spirit (their being). Once the individual collapses, the family invariably goes under, and one after the other, in the end the race is submerged. A few exceptions to the rule will be those individuals who, despite the raging storm, have made themselves strong inwardly.

The solutions to the perplexing problems of the Black people in America will be uncommon, requiring deep knowledge of the totality of life, the other correlations of life of perfection. It must be stated that no one suffers because he is himself, how he stands inwardly in accordance with his own volition—strong or weak, clarified or moored in dross.


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