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The sufficiency of the all-sufficient God

By J.N.G. Okafor
13 September 2019   |   2:50 am
It is with great joy that I welcome you to the 10th Anniversary of Bethel Experience Prayer Conference. The theme for this glorious edition is The All Sufficient God.

District Superintendent, Assemblies Of God, Nigeria, Rev. J. N. G. Okafor and Women Ministry Coordinator, Mummy, H. C. Okafor.

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the 10th Anniversary of Bethel Experience Prayer Conference. The theme for this glorious edition is The All Sufficient God.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the word sufficiency means possessing something that is enough, or the quality of being good enough. It is the amount of something that is enough for a particular purpose or need.The sufficiency of the All Sufficient God therefore is the adequacy of the provisions of the Lord God Almighty that can never be exhausted or run dry. He is the God who is more than enough to adequately handle all the needs of all His creatures without running short of supply. When mentioning His creatures, it is all encompassing; the vegetation, seas, oceans, marine species, mammals, animals, ants, human beings, etc. All these depend on the All Sufficient God for their daily supply. When one considers all these put together, one would conclude by saying, “Oh Lord God, How Great Thou Art.”

Undoubtedly, the Sufficiency of the All Sufficient God cuts across all boundaries in that everything that is living feels His presence and His all sufficient providence.

The Lagos District of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria is overwhelmed with the God of All Sufficiency in all ramifications. This has prompted this 10th Anniversary celebration. As one goes down memory lane, one would observe that from the word go; the evidence of His sufficiency is well pronounced among His people. There are testimonies to buttress this fact.

The vision of a District Quarterly Prayer was conceived and birthed by our revered retired District Superintendent, Rev. I.M. Mpamaugo. This idea was to have a common meeting point for prayers among the former Lagos District followership comprising Lagos Mainland District, Sango District and the present Lagos District. It would be recalled that just after the carving out of Lagos Mainland and Sango Districts in March 2009, the idea of translating this quarterly prayer into an annual prayer conference was muted and it became accepted. And from that very moment, the District Quarterly Prayer metamorphosed into Back to Bethel Prayer Conference.

The presence of the All Sufficient God in Back to Bethel Prayer Conference became very real with various testimonies that followed and are still following. Many children bear the name “Bethel” to testify that the God of Bethel answered the prayers of His children by blessing them with the fruit of the womb. Other testimonies such as salvation, healings, promotions, baptism in the Holy Spirit, academic excellence, genuine business connections etc., can never be over-emphasized.

The theme of Bethel 2019, “The All Sufficient God” speaks for itself. The attendees of this annual programme from both within and without Lagos District of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria will not hesitate to agree with the theme that the All Sufficient God has been there for His children. For this reason, His people have decided to come before Him with praises and thanksgiving to appreciate His loving kindness and mercy towards them all.

My prayer for us all is that both now and in the future, this 10th Anniversary will continue to remind us of the sufficiency of the All Sufficient God who is sufficiently able to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, all who believe should say Amen!
Rev. J.N.G. Okafor, Lagos District Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Nigeria, presented this paper at the bethel prayer conference 10th anniversary of the church with the theme: The all-sufficient God.

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