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10 Friday Fun Facts

It’s Friday! Relax and laugh with these ten fun facts listed below:

Billy Goats pee on their own heads to attract the nanny goat
Did you know that when billy goats urinate on themselves they attract the nanny goats?

Throughout your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two pools

Did you know that an average human produces 1-2 litres of saliva each day? At the age of 70, you would have produced 51,100 litres of saliva which can fill two swimming pools.

In the 16th Century, Arab women can divorce their husbands for not pouring coffee in their cups.
Back then, Coffee was an integral culture of Turkish culture and was a ground for divorce if husbands fail to pour coffee for them.


Snakes can predict earthquakes.
They can sense a coming earthquake from 75 miles away even up to five days before it happens.

It snowed in the Sahara desert on the 18th of February, 1979
Did you know that it snowed for the first time in the Sahara desert for thirty minutes on the 18th of Februrary, 1979.

Banana are curved because they grow towards the light-sun
Did you know that banana grows against gravity and towards the source of light-the Sun?

A Kangaroo cannot hop without its tail
Kangaroo make use of its tail to hop,hence, if you raise the kangaroos tail it will lose balance and fall down.

Saint Lucia is the only country named after a woman
Did you know that the French arrived on a shipwrecked Island on the feast day of Saint Lucy,hence, the Island was named after Saint Lucia?

The average male gets bored of shopping after twenty-six minutes
Now you know why some guys look frustrated at the shopping mall.

Tears can improve your mood
Did you know that tears contain endorphin? That is why you feel better after crying.

A bartender can be executed for watering down a beer
Under the Code of Hammurabi, bartenders who watered down beer were punished by execution.

Share other fun facts in the comment section below with other readers.

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