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10 Good And Bad Things About Airplanes

Did you know that most major airlines do not allow its pilots and co-pilots eat the same food?

Well, here are other interesting facts about airplanes you probably didn’t know of.

1. No food allowed
Most major airlines do not allow its pilots and co-pilots to eat the same food. This is done to prevent the possibility of food poisoning sickening the whole flight crew

2. English the official flight language

English is the official language for international flights as all commercial pilots and flight controllers are required to speak English on international flights.

3. Smallest world jet

The world’s smallest jet is the BD-5 Micro, with a 14–21 feet wingspan and just 358 pounds of weight.

World smallest jet photo Wikimedia Commons

4.Oxygen mask lasts lesser than 20 minutes

The amount of oxygen in an airplane’s emergency oxygen masks only lasts for about 15 minutes.

5. Research on Airplane crashes

Research has shown that 80% of plane crashes happen in the first 3 minutes after takeoff and the final 8 minutes before landing.

6. Airplane safety measures

As a safety procedure when a plane needs to make an emergency landing, the pilot can decide to dump fuel from its wings to keep the plane from experiencing overweight landing.

7. Airplanes emergency exit

Studies show that people who sit farther than 5 rows away from an exit have a lesser probability to exit an airplane during an emergency.

Emergency exit on Airplanes photo Pinterest

8. Surviving Airplane accidents

According to Popular Mechanics, sitting at the tail of an airplane increases the chance of accident survival by 40%.

9. Technology used to filter air on planes

The same technology that is used to filter air in hospitals is used on airplanes so while the tray table may harbor germs, the air is still clean.

10. Deadly airplanes exhaust fumes

Contrary to popular thinking, plane exhausts kills more people than actual plane crashes as nearly 10,000 people are killed annually by toxic pollutants from airplanes.

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