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5 Gift Items to Get Your Man

Gifts are an expression of appreciation and love. But why do women find it difficult to pick out gifts for men? We won’t dive into a gender debate today but it appears that men are better at gifting. Your man deserves some pampering too.

So ladies, below are five gift items that (don’t include underpants) you can give your man:

Detailed Brown leather shoe. Photo: FashionBeans


You can tell a man’s taste by just looking at his shoes. Did you know that shoes are one of the first physical things that women notice in a man? You can get him a pair of oxford or monk strap for formal events. A derby or Chelsea boots would look great on him for semi-formal events or even an outing with the guys. A good outfit starts with a shoe.

Brown leather Cartier. Photo: Unsplash


The functional purpose of wristwatches has been dwarfed by its aesthetic value. A stylish man knows he’s incomplete with one. Your man’s wristwatch can be an extension of his personalities. Gift him a watch that suits his personality.



Picking a perfume can be a tricky decision. A man’s scent is a reflection of his character. Two scents that do well on most men are oriental and woody.

Oriental is a sensual and rich scent that is defined by spices such as vanilla, patchouli, and cinnamon. Musky scents also fall into this category, providing a heavy note to the Oriental scents. Woody is a scent derives from nature and gives off a very manly smell.

Garfield Leather Messenger Bag. Photo: Korchmar

Messenger Bag

Do you have a sophisticated man whose hands are never far away from his laptop, phone or accessories? Get him a leather messenger bag.

A Spa Treat

Away with all the masochistic talks and acts, men crave a little pampering too. Book a surprise spa appointment for him, of course, you will get to go with him. He would never forget such a soothing experience.


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