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6 Great Reasons You Should Exfoliate

DIY Exfoilating face-scrub. Photo Cassie Daves

Exfoliating often described as “skin turnover,” is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, a granular substance or an exfoliating tool.
Remember that you can choose to exfoliate using chemical substances or to use a manual scrub.


Here are 6 great reasons you should exfoliate:

● Exfoliating Removes Dead Skin Cells
Moisturising is often the first defence against ageing as it stops dead skin cells from leaving the face. However, more than often, moisturising allows the dead cells at the skin’s top layer to stay a little longer. This allows your skin to look radiant and full of moisture instead of dry and scaly. However, the build-up of many dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull and rough.
As a result, there is a need to exfoliate in order to remove old, dead skin cells. This makes your skin smooth and soft, allowing you to look radiant, healthy and young. With a sleek, smooth surface, applying your foundation, and BB cream becomes very easy.

● Improves Absorption Of Skincare Products
It can be frustrating when you carefully choose a skincare product, only for it to not function as effectively as it should. It is for this reason that exfoliation is needed. Exfoliating gives the active ingredients in your skincare the best chance to effectively work. This way, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best out of your skin regimen.

● Keeps Blemishes And Spots At Bay
Ever wondered what the major causes of spots and blemishes are? then you should know that dead skin cells play a significant role. Acne, blackheads are caused by dead skin cells. Dead skin is a playground for bacteria so that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that bacteria parties in full force on dead skin. Bacteria thrive in dead skin cells, allowing them to multiply, thus leading to these skin problems. Exfoliating, therefore, gets rid of these dead skin cells, removing the environment needed by bacteria to grow.

● Increases Blood Flow And Circulation
In much simpler terms, exfoliating gets the skin’s “juices” going. That is, it ensures the blood circulates regularly to provide the surface with the nutrients it needs while also removing other excesses. Just like exercises, exfoliating stimulates blood circulation allowing your skin to look radiant and healthy. Blood circulation prevents the skin from breaking out due to the presence of dead skin cells.

● Stops Pores From Growing
It is impossible to shrink skin pores, but you can stop them from getting more significant. As one gets older, one’s pores become more significant as the skin builds up in the pores. The more there are dead skin cell in the pores, the bigger they become. Asides from increasing the size of these pores, dead skin cells also make skin pores visible. This is the primary cause of blackheads.

● Prevents Wrinkles
No doubt one major worry we all have is how to get rid of our wrinkles. And exfoliating is just the answer you need. Exfoliating your face stops your face from having fine lines and wrinkles that make you look older than you are. Exfoliating increases “skin cell turnover” which in layman’s terms means allowing new skin to grow.

One side effect of moisturising is that it reduces this “skin turnover”. This means that for effective skincare, a balance between moisturising and exfoliation is needed. Dead skin is full, leathery and less elastic than new skin. This less elasticity allows it forms wrinkles easily as it says. This is why you need to exfoliate.

When exfoliating, be sure to make your choice based on your skin type. Practically everyone can benefit from regular gentle exfoliation. The difference here is that those with sensitive skin have to contact their dermatologist for their recommendation. Exfoliation should be an integral part of everyone’s skincare regime, both male and female. For those with oily skin, exfoliating helps clear excess buildup in the skin pores. For those with dry skin, exfoliating help removes old skin cells and makes the skin look brighter.

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