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6 Tips To Help You Get Your Postpartum Glow

Being a new mum can be exhausting especially as a first-time mum.

For the last nine months, you have been carrying life and your body has had to make way to accommodate this change. Having a baby is an overwhelming feeling, but the effort put into it cannot be ignored.

Snapping back is not as easy as you might have assumed, especially when it comes to regaining your skin glow. You barely have time for yourself now as your baby becomes a responsibility you cannot ignore.


The hormones and the built-up stress of becoming a new parent could easily leave your skin looking dull, dry, torn-out and pigmented. Do not panic, however, because this article is just what you need to get you back on track.

Here are 6 tips that would help you achieve a postpartum glow:

  • Drink A Lot Of Water:

As cliche as this might sound, water is undeniably key to quite a number of the body’s functions. This is why it would not be wrong to refer to water as the elixir of life.

Waiter helps quite a lot with improving metabolism and also improving skin quality. This is why you are advised to drink a minimum of between six to eight glasses daily. For detoxification, add a few slices of cucumber water to your water.

Bottles of Water. | Photo The Outline

  • Take A Day Off At The Spa:

Knowing how tasking it is taking care is a new baby, taking a break is one beauty tip you should not ignore. Once in a while, you need time off to relax while also taking a break.

This is why you should consider taking a day off at the spa, pamper yourself with a full body massage and spa treatment for stress relief. You need a break from the sleepless nights, constant back pain, and being on your toes round the clock. Book a day at the spa to soothe your mind and improve your postpartum glow.

Tatewari Spa Riviera Nayarit. | Photo The Villa Group

  • Exfoliation:

Not surprisingly, exfoliation has its place among the top three ways to improve your postpartum glow. Using a good body and face scrub exfoliate your skin.

For great skin, dead old skin cells must be dealt with as they hinder skin development. Choose a herbal or fruit-based scrub over chemical ones. Gently scrubbing in circular motions also increases blood circulation as well.

Exfoliate. Photo: The Oz blog

  • Eat Healthily:

Remember that as a new mum, your diet is not just for you, but also for your baby. This is why your diet has to largely change. Of course, this healthy change in diets is another stimulus for great glowing skin postpartum.

Your diet here should be rich in vegetables and fruits. Also, make sure to avoid food rich in high-fat content to avoid breaking out.

Healthy foods | Photo: Sanitarium

  • Exercise Regularly:

Of course, as a new mum, you cannot simply rush into an exercise routine especially as your body is still healing. Still you need to make sure to incorporate a good exercise regimen into your lifestyle. There are mild aerobic exercises for mothers post-pregnancy which you should try out.

Exercising improves blood circulation, tones your body, and improves your overall health. Working out releases hormones like cortisol and endorphins that make you feel good.

Running to burn off baby fat. | Photo: FittaMamma

  • Cleanliness:

As a new mum, you need to be even cleaner than you must have been in the past not only for your baby but also for yourself. Dirty diapers, gooey food and stained maternity clothes are not new to nursing mothers.

This is why it is important to make an extra attempt to remain clean even in the midst of all the stress you face. Take a shower regularly and do your laundry to leave both your body and mind feeling fresh.

It is no news that when we are tired and weak, our body knows. The first step to feeling beautiful is to take great care of yourself. As a new mum, all your attention should be shared between looking after your child and looking after yourself so one doesn’t lose at the expense of the other. Motherhood can be stressful, but taking time out for yourself would give you the boost and glow you need to carry on like the queen you are.

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