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Bathroom Moments: Do You Get Inspired While In The Shower?

Bathroom moments are needed for clarity. Photo Shutterstock

We sleep at dusk and rise at dawn and when we wake, one of our first actions, at least for most of humanity, entails going to the bathroom — either to poop, pee, bathe, or be inspired, usually while nude.


You would think the bathroom marks the last place a person would ever get inspired.

However, science has confirmed that dopamine flow that increases creativity in the human brain often occur while undergoing certain actions: exercising, listening to music, and taking showers. The secret lies in the relaxation of the mind which, in turn, triggers us to focus more within to get inspired.

Basically, the first few minutes of one’s day begins in the bathroom. Getting refreshed for a new day, but have you reflected that one of the brightest and innovative ideas happen while taking shower?

One story that is commonly linked to the bathroom moment takes us way back to ancient time of the Greek age. A well-known physicist/mathematician at the time, Archimedes gave us the bathroom moment when a sudden flash of idea came upon him while in the bathtub. He had to head out to the streets, while naked, screaming “Eureka!! Eureka!!”, upon his realisation on how to detect forged gold.

Eureka, in etymology, is a Greek word which means “I have found it”. Thus, Archimedes gave the world, through the use of the word, the principle of buoyancy. The eureka moment, also known as the Aha!! Exclamation is one that reveals realisation by an individual. It is a moment of clarity, a clear path to solving challenges and incomprehensible puzzling situation. A burst of realisation away from the complex obsessed thoughts. One of the best ways to get such realisation occurs in the bathroom, while we are relaxed.

Research has something to say and suggests that the ability to solve problems could be difficult due to the mental fixation on the inappropriate aspect of the problem.

Psychologists thus suggest that the “incubation” moment is valid in ushering in answers and creative juices. During incubation, the mind dwindles away, not focusing on the problem. And in the case of Archimedes, it is rather fortunate that this eureka moments takes place in the bathroom; undisputed the inspiration can find other settings to assume. While in incubation mode, the mind is simply submerged or probably in flight mode: believed to be inaudibly working in the background till, like a volcano, it burst with what it has brewed up.

The flight mode, followed by the eureka moment, often occurs while in the shower, and most of us have discovered this.

Scott Barry Kaufman, a cognitive scientist, disclosed, through his research survey, that 72 percent of people got their inspiration while taking a shower. The researcher also revealed that, unlike the workplace, people disengage themselves from the complexities of the world in the bathroom, thereby giving room for the brain to remain more focused on creativity and inspiration.

Moreover, as earlier stated, a moment in the shower gives you a chance to be distracted, hence triggering an increase in dopamine inside the brain. A Harvard researcher echoed the statement above when he said: “the shower offers you the chance to be distracted and break your need to disengage from fixation on the ineffective solutions.”

In other words, creative ideas need time to form and express itself in the human mind. Thus, our time in the shower gives us just that amount of time to attain the ideas.

A painting of a child taking a bubble bath. Photo Smile Art Design

So, the bathroom becomes a mused space for moments of reflection with a billion thoughts simultaneously popping up. The nudity in the bathroom becomes the hour to perhaps divinely receive answers to solutions and coming up with big ideas. A set up where one’s true self is made bare; revealed when going beyond the mere act of being naked. This symbolical action of being nude becomes the point of revelation of self above what meets the eye.

Consequently being a time of triumphant discovery or insight.

On the other hand, bathroom moments are parallel to bring out “the voice” in you/the star in you. Feeling like an idol and ready to be heard by the world and at the same time though secluded the spotlight is on you and you are ready to go head to head with Celine Dion and come out of the brawl in flying colours.

Bathroom moments, though usually short, is a classical time for birthing great beginnings of creative ideas that could be likened to the time we need for a planted seed to germinate. People such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg must have had a lot of showers to transform the world through their various inventions. Therefore, let’s keep showering; you never know when the eureka moment will hit you.

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