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Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

Native to southwestern Morocco, Argan oil has become a favourite of many beauty products.  It is also known as “liquid gold”. This is because it is beneficial to the skin, hair and health.

Amazingly, it takes three days to process and get one litre of argan oil.

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. It is a non-greasy hydrating toner all in one.
  2. Whether it is directly on your skin or mixed with other ingredients, this oil does wonders on your skin by brightening it.
  3. It softens your cuticles and promote nail growth.
  4. It aids in reducing stretch marks, especially during pregnancy by softening the skin and reducing the lines of stretch marks.
  5. It contains triterpenoids and linoleic acid that aids in treating pimples while repairing the skin.
  6. You can add it to your foundation for that instant glow up.
  7. It hydrates the skin and has the potential of treating skin issues such as eczema.
  8. Achieving young and beautiful skin at an old age makes you look graceful. Constant use of Argan oil drastically reduces the sighs of fine lines and restores the skin’s elasticity.
  9. It is often recommended to use argan oil after shaving as this can soothe the skin.
  10. The best part is, it protects the skin from UV rays.
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