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CC Creams: An Alternative To Foundation

CC Creams: An Alternative To Foundation

In today’s world, every woman wants to look her best while going about her business. But with the skill set required to achieve even a decent everyday makeup look, that is not always possible.

Some women don’t want to have to feel the weight of a foundation every single day. And would rather settle for looking put on a full face of makeup.

Sometimes, women are simply pressed for time and cannot afford the time to compose themselves long enough to complete full skincare and makeup routine.

Thankfully, CC Creams have entered the market to solve these problems.


What is a CC Cream?
CC Cream stands for Colour Correction Creams or colour control cream. As the name implies, it is a cream that gives the face enough coverage to provide an even tone and a flawless finish. It usually has added nutrients like vitamins and minerals, even SPF (so that’s one thing off your skincare routine). CC creams also contain anti-ageing and moisturising properties. It does not have the coverage of a typical foundation, but it has enough coverage to give your skin an even, flawless finish.
It is not a concealer, but it can conceal hyperpigmentation, spots, redness, acne scars, and other blemishes. CC creams have a light texture and feeling on the face. It does so much and can save you so much time on your beauty routine.

Benefits of a CC Cream
CC creams are formulated with a diverse range of skin-loving ingredients, causing them to have diverse benefits.
● Provides Sun Protection
CC creams contain SPF, so they work to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. This also helps you skip one extra step in your beauty routine and saves you money that would have been spent buying an extra product.
● Has a Non-comedogenic formula
Because of the lightweight texture of CC creams, they are less likely to clog your pores and cause you to break out. This is much more than can be said for “traditional” foundation formulas.
● Provides Complexion Correction, Skin Hydration, and Delays Wrinkles
Over time, CC creams do help correct your complexion, evening your complexion. Its rich formula moisturises the skin and keeps wrinkles at bay.

CC Cream Vs Foundation
● Foundation has fuller coverage than a CC cream. CC cream has medium to full coverage that can be “built-up” as you add on more products.
● Foundation provides a smooth, pore erasing look, while a CC cream provides a more natural, glowing finish.
● Both foundation and CC creams even out your skin tone, but a CC cream works to correct your skin under the layers of the product as you use it over time.
● Foundation has a wider shade range than CC creams, but this is slowly changing as more brands are catching up and adding more shades to their CC cream lines.
● CC creams have SPF. Foundations do not have any ingredients that protect the skin from sun rays.
● CC creams have anti-ageing properties; foundation does not protect the skin from ageing.
● CC creams hydrate and smoothen the skin, eliminating the need for an extra moisturiser. Foundation does not hydrate the skin. Instead, it absorbs shine.
● Foundations work to cover or hide skin blemishes. But CC creams actually correct them over time, while giving your skin a natural finish. It also works to reduce the appearance of redness on lighter skin tones.
● CC creams don’t crease or crack. Foundations can crack depending on the quality of the formula and how long you wear it.
● CC creams have a more lightweight formulation than foundations do. So they are less likely to clog the pores and cause a breakout than foundation.

While CC creams are certainly an everyday makeup hack, they can not take the place of drinking lots of water, a healthy balanced diet, adequate rest, and a proper skincare routine that moisturizes and protects your skin. Please, keep your expectations within reason.

Foundations will always have a firm place in our makeup routines. But if you need an all-in-one product with the benefits of several skin care products, then a CC cream is the way to go.

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