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Cultural Entrepreneurs Tell The Untold Stories At AWCA -Episode I

Interviewing creatives is one of the best things to witness. The fire in their eyes, their voices laced with passion and their faces alive with emotions. When we saw what AWCA put together, we knew we had to be a part of it. You rarely hear about the turmoils of creatives. Just the red carpet and the inspiring pictures.

Social media doesn’t tell the story behind the glamour, the motivation behind the lovely and unique structures they have put up. The passion and drive with trying to make a difference in a country where the cultural entrepreneurs are not protected. It is everything but easy.

This panel discussion would change your life, your perception about many things you thought you knew about these creatives.

The 29th of July was one of those days when we were plain lucky to witness the tales of creatives as told from the horse’s mouth at A Whitespace Creative Agency. As we interview, Yegwa Ukpo, Tola Akerele and Papa in that order, we can’t help but be inspired.

And the discussion starts, when the attendees have all signed in, taken their seats and are ready to get in on the panel discussion.




Moderator Malaika welcomes the panel and the guests. Basically, the panel discussion aims to introduce people into the lives of creative entrepreneurs, the challenges they have faced in their fields and all that comes with being a creative in Nigeria.

The panel discussion: Art Of Storytelling: Cultural Entrepreneurs kicks off the many series of events by AWCA with the aim to enlighten and aid creatives. It also kicks off the Lagos Startup Week.


Present at the panel discussion is  Co founder of Stranger Lagos, Yegwa Ukpo. Broadcaster, Writer, Poet and Curator Wana Udobang. African Arts Foundation had Yinka sitting in on behalf of Wunika Mukan. Tola Akerele, owner of Bogobiri. Tom Saater Social Documentary Photographer. Ada Umeofia Architect and Designer the OS Space. Papa Omotayo, Creative Director AWCA. All the brains on that table.

Malaika Toyo was the moderator for this panel discussion, she is also the business developer for AWCA.

Earlier we mentioned that we had an interview with Yegwa of Stranger, Tola of Bogobiri and Papa of AWCA.

Hope their answers to our questions inspire you because it did just that to us.


The panel discussion continues……………………………………………

A little bit of technical problems but it was sorted out in no time, back to storytelling, which you are just dying to know right?. Each panelist was given ten minutes to tell their story and Malaika as moderator is in charge to make sure that happens.

The panel discussion would be continued in the next episode. Do not miss us so much.


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