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The Beauty of Wood Carving as an Art Form in Nigeria

The human expression finds their way through varied forms of art and cultural activities. In art, the Nigerian culture represents the vividness of Nigerian lifestyle coupled together with a glorious history of the past to bank upon. Wood carving has especially been an integral art form for expressing the Nigerian culture and traditions dating back to the 12th century. Famous places like Benin, Lagos and Awka started off and are still major hubs for wood carving; carvers have flourished in these regions for a long time coming, making figurines that reflect the rich history and beliefs of the country and its people through time.

One of the major challenges artists go though in Nigeria is that of sourcing art materials. The high cost of art materials had, in the past, robbed some artists of their dreams. However, for sculptures all they really need is a carving knife, a gouge, a sharpening equipment and most importantly, the skill-set – solace is found in wood; a resource in acute abundance in this part of the world.

Unlike European sculpture, style does not change much over the years in African tribal art. So it is a safe assumption that the astonishing imaginative range of African carving familiar to us today was just as evident many centuries ago.

Here are some figures you can find on our platform. Carved by the brilliant Lukman, a Lagos-based artist.

wood carving by Lukman - The Guardian Life wood carving by Lukman - The Guardian Life wood carving by Lukman - The Guardian Life wood carving by Lukman - The Guardian Life

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