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Dimples: The Reason Behind Most Amazing Smiles

Lauren London | Photo: BET


There is no doubt that dimples are really adorable and oftentimes, desirable. 

However the case, research shows that only 20% of the population have dimples whereas the rest of the 80% wished they were part of the 20%.

First off, there are actually two kinds of facial dimples: chin and cheek dimples. Chin dimples are caused by an underlying cleft in the bone of the chin. On the other hand, cheek dimples are a little more complicated. These are usually located on the cheek, it can appear on one side of the cheek and sometimes on both side of the cheek.

The dimple effect is one of the reasons why many desire it (if they don’t have it) because it helps make you look young, attractive, cute and charming when you smile and show off that cute little dots on your cheek.

Even though over the years medical science has proven that dimple occurs as a result of genetic deformity, it is still the most wanted kind of deformity most people wish for. Fortunately for this set of people, technology has made it possible for people to artificially get dimples of their own.

Dimple maker invented in 1936 | Photo: Bustle

Isabella Gilbert, an indigene of New York, invented the first dimple machine which can be worn on the face where its knobs press into the cheek, thereby creating dimples.

Despite making one’s smile adorable, dimples might also be an aid to sexual attractiveness: if people notice your face more, there’s an added chance they might want to make babies with you. It just might be an added advantage to that profile; who knows, your match might just end up swiping right!


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