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Dirty Money And Its Effect On The Subconscious Mind

Judging from the questioning look on persons face when the ATM dispenses grimy looking cash and the near joyous look when the currency is crisp, it can be concluded that everyone prefers a crisp new note to a soiled old note.

Which begs the questions, does it really matter? Does the look of money affect our spending habit? Are we in any way emotionally attached to our currency?


Research has shown that people are likely to spend dirty crumbled notes as against new bills probably because they are worried over where it has been, what muck it’s picked up, not to mention the health implications. It does not end there though.

The reverse in the case in social situations. People would rather spend their crisp neat money over the dirty ones when ‘important people’ are watching despite the issues earlier mentioned earlier.

Situations such as this go on to show that people might be emotionally attached and take pride in their currency.

It should, however, be noted that the physical appearance of money matters not more than traditionally thought.

That is, the spending value of money remains the same regardless.

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