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Do You Know What Glass Frames Suit Your Face? 

By Chinelo Eze
23 February 2022   |   11:35 am
It’s a sunny day, but while you are about to step out, you take one last look at how stunning you appear. Suddenly, you feel your appearance is awkward and you can’t seem to figure out why. Viola! Like a light bulb, it’s your sunshades that don’t suit your oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear,…

It’s a sunny day, but while you are about to step out, you take one last look at how stunning you appear. Suddenly, you feel your appearance is awkward and you can’t seem to figure out why. Viola! Like a light bulb, it’s your sunshades that don’t suit your oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, or oblong face.

There are up to seven face shapes, many sunshades and glasses’ frames that flatter different face types, accompanied by makeup and hairstyles. Do you know your face shape? If you do, thumbs up to you because it will make shopping for the right shades a lot easier to pick. If you don’t know your face shape, this can get confusing because you are in for a hassle while getting a fitting glass shade for you. 

This article is here to guide you to having a free hassle when shopping for the right glass shades.

Beginning with some practical tips while standing in front of a mirror, push your hair to the back to get a clear outline of your face. After this is done, using lipstick or a marker, draw the outline of your face in the mirror. Now you have a blueprint that shows you the shape of your face.

Another way to figure out your face shape is by measuring. This method will need you to take notes. With a measuring tape, measure your forehead width, then the width of the cheekbone and the jawlines and primarily the length of the face. Now, pay keen attention to your facial qualities. What is the widest part of your face? Again, with the acquired data, you then compare it with the other types of faces to know what category of face shapes you belong to.

Are You Round Faced?

These are a few tips to easily determine if you have a round face. For that illusionary look for a round face to seem thinner and lengthy,  angular, thin eyeglass frames will do the trick. Another option is a wide rectangular frame.

  • Oftentimes the length and width of the face are usually the same
  • Another rounded feature of a round face is the jawline and chin as well as the forehead which extends to the hairline.
  • This is an appealing proportioned face shape with a round form.
  • With a round face, there are no major angles or edges and the cheekbones are not outstanding with a round face. Examples of Nigerian celebrities with round faces are Nancy Isime and Banky W

Do You Have A Square Face?

Unlike the round face, the square-faced shape has prominent features. To soften the strong nature of this face shape by creating a longer look and relaxing curves, attempt narrow frame styles, frames with additional width rather than depth, and thin ovals.

  •       The distance from end to end of the face is the same
  •       The hairline is usually a straight line
  •       The forehead width is the same as the cheekbones and jaw
  •       The jawline is well-built, prominent and squared
  •       The cheekbone of a square face has insignificant curves. Example is Michael B. Jordan

Do You Have A Heart Face?

Choosing frames that are wide at the bottom will reduce the obvious width at the top of the face. Top options for the heart-shaped face are shades with frames that are thin, light-coloured, rimless frames with a light and fresh appeal.

  • The forehead and cheekbones of a heart-shaped face have the same width and are wider than the jawline
  • There is a rounded hairline that forms a point in the shape of the English alphabet V at the centre of the forehead
  • The chin is diagonal with a thin jawline
  •  The length of the face is more than its breadth.  Example are Will Smith and Lupita Nyongo

Do You Have An Oval Face Shape?

In the case of an oval face, the length is more than the width. A perfect shade for the oval-shaped face will retain the normal proportion of an oval face. Pick eyeglass frames that are broad or broader than the widest portion of your face. Frames with walnut shapes not excessively deep or thin are an extremely nice option.

  • The cheekbones are the largest characteristic of this face shape, even broader than the forehead
  • Chin and jawline are round
  • With a well-thought-out form, it is considered the perfect face shape. Example Beyonce 

Do You Have A Diamond Shape Face?

This shape face can be conflicting for even the owners of such face types because it resembles the heart shape face. In order to accentuate the eyes and relax the cheekbones, use frames that have embellishments or unique brow lines.

Diamond-shaped faces paired with rimless eyeglasses, with perhaps an oval or cat-eye shape similarly is great for one of the rarest shapes of face.

  • The forehead is narrow and is not as wide as that in a heart-shaped face
  • Cheekbones are wider than forehead and jawline
  • Chin is strongly pointed and narrow
  • The face is as long as it is wide

Do You Have A Pear Face?

A pear face is also called a triangle face is the rarest face shape among others. To get the perfect frames for this face shape is to make it seem shorter and neutralised by going for frames that have more depth than width as a better choice. Frames with embellishing or varying temples also add width to the face.

  • The widest part is the chin    
  •  The jawline is full and somewhat squared. The face looks fuller and has rounded cheeks
  • The constricted area of this type of face shape is the hairline. Example Brad Pitt 

Do You Have An Oblong Face?

Frames that are huge in colour and embellishment on the main half brow of the frame enhance width and accentuate the thin upper third of the face. Cat-eye patterns also look nice on a base-down triangle face shape.

  • An oblong face is longer than it is wider and has a narrow width
  • The forehead and jawline are alike in the way the width looks
  • An oblong face has a chin that is pointed
  • The cheek line and the sides of your face are straight
  • Your forehead is tall and wide and maybe round at your hairline
  • The face is widest at your forehead. Example is Kelly Rowland