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Doctors Warn That Breast Milk Cannot Cure Coronavirus


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Different people have come up with different conspiracies amid the novel coronavirus break out. From 5G, to the use of Garlic for treatment and so much more.

It has thus become imperative for medical practitioners to continually debunk these conspiracies. A strange theory is now making waves. There are new claims that drinking breast milk can cure coronavirus.


The theory suggests that breast milk ‘contains COVID-19 antibodies’ that when consumed, can protect you from catching the virus.

However, doctors have now busted this myth, saying there’s absolutely no proof that drinking breast milk can prevent coronavirus in a report by The Mirror.

According to the Mirror report, Dr. Dyan Hes, a paediatrician with New York City’s Gramercy Paediatrics said:

There’s no proof that breast milk at all can cure Covid or give you antibodies. There’s no data that I know of that has been published yet about it. There’s no proof of that yet, this is all hypothetical. [Breast milk] would be the lowest thing on my list. I think you can take some vitamin C and zinc if you want to, but do not buy breast milk to prevent Covid. That is not going to help you.

He further stated that while breast milk is good for a baby’s developing immune system, there’s little evidence that breast milk contains coronavirus antibodies that are helpful to adults.

It has been advised to stay healthy and stay indoor to avoid the virus. Also, washing of hands has been said to be of importance in order to survive this period.

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