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Easter Sunday Looks You Should Try

It’s Easter Sunday, it is well known that Easter isn’t particularly the best time to wear smoky eye makeup, dark lipstick shades or heavy makeup in general. Although it might be hard choosing an Easter look, there are however still quite a number of looks that could go particularly well with the season, it is a perfect opportunity to add bright hues and light shades of colours such as purple, green or blue to mention a few.

It is also important to note that keeping one’s makeup tame, simple and natural are key this Easter period. Here are five Easter makeup looks to try:

Natural Glam

While this might sound hard and almost impossible, the Natural Glam look is an easy look to pull off. While wearing a full-on glam is not particularly suitable for this period, it is still possible to look natural and glamorous at the same time. For this look, eye makeup usually determines the flow. Neutral eye shadow colours should be used and although a bit of smokey eye can be added, it shouldn’t be overdone as it should be remembered that this is a natural glam look. One can choose to either use mascara or add false eyelashes for a more dramatic effect, light contouring and highlight complete this look.

Ombre Lips

This is a perfect time to pull off ombre lips particularly in light pink and purple. It is definitely okay to add a pop of colour to whatever look you decide to pull off. To get this look, one should use a much lighter eye shadow shade on the eyelids, adding depth to the eyes with an eyeliner. Because this is a simple yet colourful look, mascara should replace false eyelashes, mascara should be used on both the lower and upper eyelashes. To finish this look, a neon pink or really light purple lipstick should be applied. Thus creating a basic makeup look that is still enough for Easter Sunday.

Easter-Right Complexion

Whatever makeup look you choose to pull off this period, it is important that your complexion be just right, that is, a lot of skin work should be done. To pull off the perfect complexion, it is important to prime one’s face before starting the makeup process, which ensures that the makeup stays on without the fear of sweating and smearing it off. Colour correctors should be applied before foundation to correct all skin blemishes. This reduces the need and time to apply more foundation and blend. Conceal eye bags by applying a little concealer under the eyes. For a radiant golden glow, apply bronzer onto cheek hollows and use highlighter on upper cheekbones. Use a setting powder to seal this look.

Bright Lids

This is the best time to bring out bright eye shadow palettes which could be lilac shades, teal or purple. To pull off this look, it is important to apply a light eye shadow primer on the entire upper eyelid to ensure it goes on smoothly and lasts as long as possible. Use a small eye shadow brush to apply eye shadow directly on to the eyelid. For a more dramatic effect, apply the eye shadow all the way to the crease. To add extra sass, add a crisp wingtip with black eyeliner and top it off with volumising mascara.

Easter Everyday Look

Prefer to ditch the drama? One can still go for an everyday natural look for Easter Sunday, by adding a little colour to make one look fresh. A champagne shade could be used for the eyelids and a much darker colour could be used for the crease, but it is best to keep it light all around. As usual, line the eyes with a black eyeliner and finish off with mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Use a nude lip colour shade for the lips to add a bit of colour.

Easter is the perfect holiday for light, pastel eye makeup looks, bright lips and bronzed, glowing complexions. Just as seasons change, so also should one’s makeup adapt to match the changing seasons.

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