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Erasing The Stereotypes From ‘Love’

With each passing day, we get to see and hear of different ideologies of how a relationship should be.

Some even try to enforce their opinion of ‘an ideal relationship’ and make others feel like they are getting all wrong.

Recently, a man set to wed the love of his life shared a tweet appreciating his wife-to-be. In the body of the tweet, he listed out the sacrifices she made while he was on ground zero till he became capable to step up to his responsibilities as a man.


While some cheered him, others found this rather unbelievable as to why a woman should invest so much in a man before marriage or even at all, just because [like it’s commonly said] “Men are scum”.

In other words, there is really no certainty or level of assurance that a man will stay faithful “till death do us part”, plus society paints the picture of the “man” as the one who MUST provide everything.

Although both instances occur in a good number of relationships, it is still necessary to note that the matters of the heart are just as tricky as finding a solution to it all. To this effect, it is also necessary to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman pampering her man, regardless of societal rules. Let’s not forget men are human beings too and deserve to be pampered as well.

On the other hand, before immersing yourself in such activities, be sure the person you are dealing with is worth the effort. How? … Have conversations and ask relevant questions, pay close attention to the answers, be friends, and above all pray.

Understanding the tricks to it makes you avoid investing financially, emotionally, sexually or any other human currency, on futile grounds.

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